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    Endeavour Magazine June 2021

    We’re halfway through 2021, and I still haven’t gotten used to it. The past year and a half has been unique, to say the least; around the world, we have experienced our share of tragedy, and we have also seen wonderful examples of ingenuity and courage. As business owners and boxers both know, when you get knocked down, the important thing is getting back up, and everywhere we turn, it seems that businesses have been finding ways to adapt, survive and in some cases, even improve and thrive.

    We have also lost many fantastic companies, whether they were new ideas or long-established staples. These losses, just like our personal losses, will be felt keenly for a long time to come, but my hope is that when we look back on 2020/2021, we will also look back and say, “That was the time that such-and-such changed for the better.” Remoting and more flexible working, better IT savvy, more creative solutions to problems – sometimes you need the status-quo shaken up in order to see and embrace the innovation that was waiting in front of you. And, as life returns to a new sort of normal, it also gives us fresh appreciation for the tried-and-true things that we don’t want to change – the traditions and fixtures that we miss and are happy to have back.

    To celebrate our own return to (new) normality, we took a look back at many of the companies that have become Endeavour regulars, and at some of the Amazing Worlds that most took our breath away. After a time like the one we’ve been through, it helps now and then to stop, stand still, and rediscover the awe that the world can inspired, as well as the hard work and perseverance of the people within it.