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How Colored Accents Can Brighten Your Home

The right color can make a difference in the atmosphere of your space. Whether you want to brighten up an area or create more visual interest, you can do so with colorful furniture and accessories! Colored accents are a great way to add personality to your space and create an inviting atmosphere for guests. You can incorporate colored accents by painting furniture or walls, using rugs as focal points in your living room, etc. The possibilities are endless! We’ve put together some great tips for adding vibrant colors and patterns to your home décor.

Set a Tone for the Front Door

Your front door is the first thing to get noticed. If it is dull, you lose the first impression chance. Can add an instant pop of color by painting the door a bright hue. Decorate the home’s front area with a floral vase, vintage-style console, and runners for a welcoming and chic look.

A Bright Living Room

Adding color to the living room can be tricky. The best way is by choosing a bright accent color and adding little accents of it all over the place! You can paint your front door in that color, add colorful throw pillows or art pieces on the walls. Moreover, a living room painted in a light, soft shade of beige can benefit from some color accents. Add pillows and small ziegler rugs with bright colors to space for an eye-catching décor. A zebra rug looks great on a dark leather couch or colorful throw pillows on a white sofa.

Mixing Patterns for a Unique Style

If you are looking to make your home feel more unique, try mixing patterns. Choose two colors that complement each other and mix up the fabrics on furniture pieces such as pillows, throws, or curtains. A striped throw pillow with a floral area rug will add just enough color to an otherwise neutral living space.

Add Colors to Your Kitchen Countertops

Updating your kitchen can be expensive, but adding color with paint is an affordable option. Paint the countertops or backsplash in fun hues like mint green, purple, or even pink for extra zing! Mix and match appliances. Enjoy bright white wall cabinets with a splash of turquoise or navy. Matching the countertops and backsplash is not necessary but will make your kitchen feel more cohesive.

A Living Room Wall, Not Just for Photos!

Your living room wall is often overlooked as just being a “wall,” but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can paint your walls any color you want and create a focal point in your space with art, or You can set a tone for the rest of your space by choosing an accent color to be seen throughout. If painting the wall is too much for you, go for wallpapers or tapestries in various patterns and textures.

Add Colorful Accents Around Rooms

Create focal points in living rooms, bathrooms, or bedrooms with vibrant colors and patterns like stripes, dots, checks, or plaids. Keep your furniture light to brighten up space! For example, a natural wood coffee table with a white or cream rug will give you the best look while still keeping things neutral. You can also add pops of color – such as pillows or throws – for accents that make an impact without being too overwhelming.

If you like to have an accent color that ties your room together, try using it in the following places:

  • Paintings or Wallpapers (decorative accents)
  • Curtains and Window Coverings (to enhance natural light)
  • Rugs like colorful Pakistani rugs and Mats (flooring for a pop of color!)
  • Accent Pillows and Throws (to brighten up the room)
  • Picture Frames with matching frames to paintings or wallpaper.
  • Decorative Items like a vase of flowers, plant, or candle holders for mood lighting!

Hang an Oversize Art

An oversized art is an excellent way to bring a room together. You can either use your accent color or choose one that contrasts with it, but make sure the art is big enough for everyone to see! Hang it on the front wall in the living room for a focal point.

A Vintage Furniture 

Colorful vintage furniture items are big this year! They are perfect for adding a pop of color to any living space. You can easily get these vintage articles from antique stores. These look good with curtains in the same color or something that contrasts. Keep a vintage furniture piece at the entrance and a chair or two in the living room. You can also spice up the hallways and corridors with these antique ottomans and chairs.

A Throw Pillow 

Throw pillows are a fun way to add your touch of color to any room! You can get these from department stores, but you should also check them out at online stores with some vintage throw pillows for an eclectic look. Plus, they’re usually cheap and easy to replace if you get tired of them.

Easels and Signs 

An easel is a fun way to show off your favorite artwork or photo, especially in the living room! You can also use these for displaying old family photos or something cute like decoration ideas from magazines. For an even more interesting look, go with antique easels. Also, don’t forget the signs! They are a fun and inexpensive way to add your personal touch. Whether you want it for decoration or practical purposes like labeling rooms in an apartment, there’s always something that will suit your needs.

Colorful Lamps and Fabric Lampshades 

Lamps are interesting and can be used in so many different areas of the home. You could add one to your desk for a cozier feel, use them as decoration on an end table or nightstand, or even hang them from the ceiling! Lamps are decorative and functional at the same time. For those who don’t want to purchase an expensive lamp, fabric shades are a great DIY project you can do in any color with just some scissors and thread. Just cut the shape that is right for your lampshade out of sturdy material like felt or cotton, then use hot glue or sewing pins to attach it to the frame.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your home, consider adding some colorful accents. From rugs and pillows to throw blankets or area carpets, there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate color into your space without breaking the bank. RugKnots has an extensive range of vibrant color wool rugs in their inventory which is perfect for adding color to your decorating scheme. Check out our online store now!