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Looking for Fun Games for the Office? Try These Popular Board Games

The best way to get people’s attention in an office is by organizing a game night. It can be a simple game like ping pong or it could be something more involved like puzzles. The best thing about planning a game night is that you can make it as active or inactive as the space in your office allows. Just make sure to keep the fun going by providing a good variety of games and snacks. Here are some of our suggestions. 


This is a word game, where up to four players compete against each other by building words out of letter tiles on aboard. When it comes to this type of game we can hear that they are mostly played among families and friends but also many people prefer them over tv shows or internet surfing. As a matter of fact, they also include a lot more fun as compared to some other games played in an office environment. The best part is that you can easily get these games from Amazon or some other sites where you have to pay for the product and then conveniently ask for it there on your desk, within a short span of time.

For those who want to try something new and entertaining at work, we will suggest that Scrabble be among their suggestions. You could play this game with your friends or colleagues during lunch break, which will eventually remove the boredom from your day-to-day life in the workplace!

This game helps improve vocabulary power apart from increasing the level of concentration one has while playing it. For those who are new to the game and are not fully confident in their word fund, online tools like are here to help. They provide people with word lists that can be availed online. Scrabble also keeps the mind alert and one also needs to have the ability to choose from a huge number of words which will eventually display their creativity as they clash with each other during the game.

This game has been around for many years, but still exists in its traditional form and is available in almost every country of the world. The rules are always kept constant as you play it across the globe; there is no scope of any kind of variation! From beginners to experts, this game offers something for everybody irrespective of their age or profession. This can be played by people belonging to all ages.


Ever dreamed of being a commander of a navy fleet? Battleship is an action-packed game where two players compete against each other by firing missiles, torpedoes, and even depth charges on their opponent’s ships before they get able to sink them into water. Like most board games, battleships include a board on which the playing pieces are placed. Two sets of these pieces are given to both players from where they have to hit their targets without missing.

This one is a very simple game and can be played even by the new bees in the gaming industry. One can play this together with friends, colleagues, or family members. All you need to do is draw a grid on the board and place all your playing pieces accordingly before finally getting ready for the fight against your opponent! You have to talk strategy with each other too, which makes it even better than any other means of entertainment at work.


Bunco is a dice rolling game that simulates Bingo. The game is played with 10 dice, and each die has all the numbers from one to six written on it. It’s a very simple game that can be played in offices and other workplaces that allow gambling for money or prizes. Each player begins with 100 points and is expected to meet certain point values from rolling the dice. Also, a player loses points when they roll the same number as another player. The first player to reach 500 points wins the game.

People don’t normally use chips in Bunco since they are not looking to gamble but just play for fun instead!

Trivial Pursuit 

This game is the perfect game for the office. Trivial Pursuit is a fun board game that everyone can play, from people who don’t know much about the world to those who have read all of Shakespeare’s works. Best of all, it can be played with six players, unlike some other popular games, which require at least four or five players.

Questions range from movies and music trivia to sports and pop culture, so everyone should be able to have a good time playing. If you have to choose just one board game for the office, this is the perfect option. 


Pictionary is another classic game loved by many and perfect for your office. Especially if graphic designers are present, this is a game that will get them talking. For those unfamiliar with Pictionary, it’s just like charades but instead of communicating directly to one another would have to draw the object or person being described. It can be played as a team game with teams competing against each other or as an individual game where everyone has their own turn drawing pictures which others should try to guess.

The rules are simple: One player (either drawn by chance or selected by prior agreement) describes a person, place, or thing for his/her teammates without using any words. The objective is to get teammates to guess what you’re describing through body language and descriptive signs. If needed, all players can use items provided to assist with their descriptions. Each team must draw a correct answer within 30 seconds or the other team wins. If no one answers correctly, the game continues until someone guesses correctly, in which case the other teams win. If all of the members of a team guessed wrong, it counts as a loss for that team.

If you’re looking for some good office games that are sure to lighten up the mood in your work area, then try out these popular board games! These highly recommended games will surely make a nice addition to your collection of board games. Plus, they offer an enjoyable way to break the ice with your co-workers or clients.

We hope that these games give you some ideas on what to play with your colleagues in the office. They offer a great way to have fun and socialize while you work! Good luck and have fun!