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Top Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Web design contributes to the overall performance of the company. Studies have revealed that 85% of web users move on to the next business with a better web design within seconds. Therefore, take the opportunity to understand how a well-designed website influences your market and turn potential leads into loyal customers. That said, is your website built for its purpose? If you’re in doubt, read more about the reasons to consider why your site needs to be redesigned.

To increase web traffic to your site

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Your website may not draw substantial traffic because of poor site architecture. This refers to the structure and organisation of your content that web users find easy to browse. However, not many people pay attention to this critical part of website design and construction. Remember that it’s not entirely about the aesthetics of your site. Instead, you must emphasise its functionality, usage and convenience.

All these put together can work the magic you want for your website. The more convenient your website is to users, the more traffic it draws. This, in return, increases your business sales. If you’ve wondered how companies like Superdry, Square 2 and Teusner Wines managed to attract organic traffic to their websites, this is one reason they considered. That said, you can check for details on website design.

For brand consistency

Inconsistencies between your website content and other communication materials can be pretty embarrassing. Apart from the awkwardness of this situation, it creates a sense of unprofessionalism. Additionally, it indicates a lack of attention to detail, a negative impression no business entity would want to make. Unfortunately, it is the reality for some and has cost more than they would have expected. 

Often, brand inconsistency on websites happens when you have more than one person responsible for uploading content onto the site. Other businesses tend to avoid this by having a well-put-together brand guideline that serves as the reference point for uploading content. According to, brand inconsistency affects your employees and, if left unchecked, can impact lead generations too.

When there is a need to migrate to an OS browser

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Most websites today are built into OS browsers to satisfy the demands of the time. Is yours built with or into an OS browser? If not, you have every reason to redesign your website to meet modern requirements. Apart from the aesthetic looks of an OS browser, it is built with features to withstand constant online security threats. Moreover, OS browsers are faster and have excellent mobile configurations. That is what makes it possible to access websites on smartphones and tablets. Even better, OS browser features and systems are upgraded regularly to meet the demands of the time. 

Lastly, you may want to incorporate better graphics and animations into your website, which is why you need a redesign. In effect, the benefits of redesigning your website meet several positive converging points. Take the opportunity to give your site a deserving look and function.