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Best Ways to Eradicate Mosquitoes Completely

The exhilarating sound of ocean waves and the mouthwatering aroma of grilled meat makes summer a highly awaited season. Unfortunately, summers will also revive the horde of pesky mosquitoes. How can one avoid this nuisance and fully enjoy the fruits of summer days?

Mosquitoes carry some of the deadliest diseases: dengue, malaria, Zika virus, and more. Health reasons are enough to start plotting mosquito eradication plans. Furthermore, they can be incredibly annoying as mosquito bites can keep itching long after the bite and their buzzing noise can keep you up all night.

In this guide, you can explore top solutions to protect your homes and patio space from mosquitos. They are simple and carry long-term benefits. If you are facing a problem too severe to tackle on your own, consider hiring a professional. Look up pest control near me.

Set a Mosquito Trap

Equip your outdoor spaces with traps to control the mosquito population around your house. There are few varieties of traps you can purchase so you need to know which is most suitable for you. Some trap mosquitoes using a sticky surface or electrocute them with an electric grid. A few notable recommendations are Mosquito Magnet and Ultralight Trap units.

While placing a trap, be mindful to move them around the space to find the ideal placement. Additionally, understand that different types of mosquitoes react to traps differently. Hence, it is normal to use a combination of traps to ensnare all the mosquitoes. Find out more info about which mosquito equipment is best suited for your space.

Kill the Source

Mosquitoes breed on standing water, so one of the most effective methods is to eliminate open water. Inspect your yard for any open containers and leaks. These can be safe havens for mosquitoes to breed and lay their eggs. Remove water from containers or use chemicals to treat fountain and pool water.

BTI pellet is an effective solution to kill mosquito larvae. BTI is a soil bacterium that attacks the larvae’s appetite and causes them to die of hunger. These pellets are readily available at home and gardening stores and are easy to use. The water treated with BTI remains non-toxic and safe to use for pets and wild animals to drink.

Maintain the Drain and Lawn

Mosquitoes do not need a large pool to breed. Even clogged gutters can create a welcome environment for them. Routinely clean your drains and downspouts to ensure that water is not clogging. Even make a habit of regularly mowing your lawn. A freshly mowed lawn will help reduce the potential mosquito habitats.

Invest in Outdoor Fans

Outdoor fans can be multi-functional: provide a cool breeze and keep your deck area mosquito-free. Fans throw off mosquitoes from flying in a straight direction and navigate in stronger winds. Watch mosquitoes scatter away as you turn on the fan. Moreover, when you are sweating and giving off body heat, mosquitoes will find you more enticing to bite. Hence, fans help you keep cool and mosquitoes away.