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7 Reasons You Should Opt For A Ceramic Coat Instead of Traditional Paint 

The affordable and quick results for DIY car paint products are usually excellent. However, if you want to move up from basic paint jobs and find yourself looking for something more than just a respray, a chemical polymer coating may be the next step for you.

If you’re wondering whether paint correction and ceramic coatings are suitable for your car, there are six main reasons why this type of service can benefit you:

  1. Longer Lasting Protection and Shine

Chemical polymer coating creates a crystalline barrier over the surfaces of your vehicle, drastically increasing durability and protection. The layer can withstand anything from acid rain to bird droppings without scratching or etching, which means you will be able to drive for months or even years before having to do any touch-ups.

This layer of protection also keeps your paint looking fresh and vibrant by preventing the oxidisation that comes with sun exposure, meaning there’s one less thing to worry about when you’re out on the road.

  1. Better Appearance

Thanks to its ease of application, chemical polymer coating is fast becoming a favourite of car owners who want to improve the look of their ride.

This is because it also comes with some severe polishing benefits that allow you to remove scratches, swirls, and other imperfections using a low number of pad changes (typically only one), which in turn leads to better clarity and shine.

  1. Minimal Use of Compounds and Polishes

One of the reasons why paint correction and ceramic coating are becoming so popular with high-end detailers, enthusiasts, and even manufacturers like Porsche, Audi & Mercedes is the reduced use of polishes.

So, it’s much less likely that you will introduce micro-scratches through excess rubbing on your car’s surface. This is because the coating forms a smooth surface that allows you to use compounds and polishes far less frequently.

  1. Resistant to Chemical and Abrasion Damage

It’s no secret that modern cars are at risk of chemical damage. When you park your vehicle in a shopping mall or supermarket, the embedded chemicals can reduce shine and cause water spots to appear on your paint job.

A chemical polymer coating job protects against these issues by sealing the paint from contaminants. Even if chemicals are used on your paint job, they will be repelled by the coating, making it resistant to abrasion damage.

  1. Stops UV Degradation

Ultraviolet (UV) light is one of the most destructive forces against paint jobs. If you’ve ever driven a car with faded paint, you’ll notice that the colour is much lighter than it used to be.

Traditional paint jobs do little against UV damage, but chemical polymer coating is a lot more resilient to these types of problems. This coating has a mirror-like finish and also helps in keeping your car cooler when exposed to direct sunlight.

  1. Widespread Availability & Longer Lasting Protection

Chemical polymer coating is available in many countries. There are various coatings on the market that can protect your car against UV damage, chemical decontamination, dirt repellence, and other factors.

Chemical polymer coatings are also much longer-lasting than traditional paint jobs, so it’s an investment that can benefit your car.

  1. Availability of Professional Services

If you are not very good with car maintenance, painting, or detailing, you can take your vehicle to a professional for assistance. A chemical polymer coating project requires expert handling at all times, so it’s vital to hire the services of a professional.

Once your car is fully coated with chemical polymer coating, you will notice an extreme shine and sparkle like never before. If maintaining your vehicle is a big priority, you can use polymer car wax products to keep the shine and sparkle going for longer.