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6 Things You Need In Your Car Garage

Setting up a car garage can be a great business that you can grow to be a success. Everyone needs their vehicles repaired and serviced right? Knowing what you’ll need can be a little tricker unless you’ve spent your whole career as a professional mechanic. We’ve put together some ideas of things you must include in your setup to help get you on your way and lead your business into a success.  Check them out below!

  1. Power

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a good power connection is vital. Much of what you’ll need to do in your car garage will involve power whether that’s lighting, powering tools, or just putting the kettle on! Clean power during vehicle reprogramming is vital to ensure you’re offering a good service to your customers, so using a power company that offers flawless connections will enable you to get the work done.

  1. A Power Lift

Any professional garage should have at least one power lift to maximize space in your garage and offer a safer working place for your employees. Jacks may be suitable for a DIY car enthusiast, but professionals would require a proper power lift. Your staff will be able to work faster, more efficiently, and have increased safety working under a properly supported car.

  1. Sufficient Storage

Making sure your tools and parts are off the floor and stored correctly will ensure a better workspace for your team. Garages can be dangerous places if your items are laying around as tripping hazards so invest in proper racking and shelving. Purchase and label organizer pots for smaller parts such as screws and nails so that you know where everything is at a moment’s glance.

  1. Good Lighting

Proper lighting will allow your staff to do their jobs properly as they will be able to see into every nook and cranny. Use LED strip lighting in your garage, then have plenty of lamps and hand lights that can be moved around and pointed into small, dark places.

  1. Diagnostic Equipment

Understanding what is wrong with a car can be the hardest part of the job. Save your team time by having diagnostic readers so that they can hook the car up and find out what the issues are without having to undertake lots of random tests to discover the problem.

  1. Touch Up Paint

With a touch-up kit, you’ll be able to fix any scratches and discoloration of paint, making a car look as good as new. Invest in high-quality paints that can be mixed to create the perfect custom color to match existing paint or even create a whole new tint for a customer!

Pneumatic Wrench

Save your staff’s wrist joints by arming them with a pneumatic wrench so they can remove tricky bolts, nuts, and sockets in seconds, allowing them to save their energy for trickier tasks. You’ll cut down on time-wasting too.

Which of these items will you be adding to your car garage? Let us know your other essentials in the comments!