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Myths About High Heels

You want to go shopping for womens high heels but you don’t have much experience with them. Perhaps you preferred flats before and want to dip your toe into a bit more higher fashion. Are the things you heard about high heels true?

There are myths about them that can make you wary of wearing them. Should you be? We’re here to help.

Here are some myths and the truth … or falsehoods … about them.


Myth: Only Short Women Can Wear High Heels

This myth gets shattered the very second that you watch any highlights from modeling shows. Usually the models that you see are on the tall side, getting close to the six feet mark. They walk around just fine while wearing high heels.

You don’t have to get those really long stilettos either – you can get shorter ones and still look great while wearing them. So you can be tall and wear high heels and not have any issues.


Myth: Only Younger Women Can Wear High Heels

This is another falsehood. Women of all ages, even those over 50, can look great while wearing high heels. It’s all about being comfortable with yourself and knowing how you look while wearing these.

Watch “Shark Tank” – the seemingly ageless Barbara Corcoran is in her 70s and she still looks fabulous as she walks around the set. Be like Barbara. Be confident in high heels.


Myth: They Are Easy To Trip and Fall While Wearing 

This myth has been propelled by videos of people stumbling and falling while wearing high heels. While this can happen, plenty of people have also taken epic pratfalls while walking around in sneakers, so the heels should not be blamed. It’s all about how the people wear them.

There is a certain stride and cadence that people wearing high heels should aim for. When they do that, then it makes the entire process much easier … and safer. Just work on that for a little bit and you should be fine.

A couple of other myths include high heels causing problems with the body of the person wearing them, which is not true – its due to weight gain, arthritis, or another health issue – and that you have to have sexy legs to wear them, which is also false.

All you have to do is wear high heels that are comfortable. Make sure that your feet have room – you don’t want to crush your toes up against the tip of the shoe. Then you can enjoy wearing them.


Author bio-

Dr. Taryn Rose is an orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer focused on technical innovations to improve how we live. After selling her namesake company in 2008 she came out of retirement to team up with her partner, Enrico Cuini. Together they have built a first in kind shoe company making made to measure sexy high heels for smart women who set their goals high and wear their heels even higher.