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Consider These Factors Before Buying Land in California

When you think of California, the thought of Hollywood celebrities probably comes into view – people living glamorous and coveted lifestyles. However, there’s a lot more to the state than Hollywood glitz and paparazzi pictures. California is also home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Therefore, you’ll find plenty of opportunities if you want to sell California land for sale to begin a new life. Whether you want a parcel of acreage or a small plot, there are several things to consider when you’re exploring the California real estate market.

What are your long-term plans for your California land for sale?

If you’re looking to turn the land into a commercial or residential property, you’ll need to find out about the utilities that are in the area, zoning laws, and whether any permits are required

Maybe you have plans to grow crops on the land or perhaps you wish to use it for grazing. You’ll need to assess your options in this regard.

If you’re buying the land to build a vacation home, then you’ll want to investigate issues like sewage systems, access to the property, and local building codes.

Do you wish to buy undeveloped land? If so, this may be an attractive option, as you can put the finishing touches on the property on your own time and as you wish.

Where is the land located?

You’ll find that there are some areas of the state that are more in demand than others. This is especially true in areas that are highly desirable and have a great deal of access to transportation.

Areas like the San Francisco Bay Area and the Southern California coast are extremely competitive.

Other locations, that are in less demand, may offer more attractive prices. Finding a great deal may be found in areas, such as the Central Valley or a desert locale in the state.

Is the land suitable for building?

The best land for sale in California is frequently close to the suppliers of the construction materials you’ll need for developing your property. You don’t want to be located too far from your building supplier, as it affects the carbon footprint and may get expensive. This can also cause delays in construction.

How much does the land currently cost?

Real estate in California is typically expensive, but you can still find some buys. For example, you may come across a property that is zoned for commercial use but is significantly underpriced.

You might not become one of the biggest landowners in the world, but you’ll have a great portfolio of prime California real estate.

Summing up

Buying California land is a big decision, and you’ll want to do plenty of research before making a final commitment. Take the time to consider your long-term plans, where you want to build, and what restrictions could be in place.


Author bio- Brandon Mickens has been involved with buying and selling land for the past 15 years and now wants to share his knowledge and experience with others.