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Get Out of That Rut and Join a Comedy Club

Laughter is amazing for numerous reasons. One being that improves your quality of life and increases life expectancy. We need people who love comedy and performing to spread joy and boost positive vibes. You could create the next generational wave of great comedy and impact culture like you would have never believed. Join a comedy club and meet other self-believing performers, actors, and artists who love what they do.


Be a Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

You know, like a community? Where you come together with like-minded people with a common goal and cause. You not only make connections and meet wonderful people who make your life richer, but you build each other up and learn from each other, not just limited to comedy and performance. If you’re joining a comedy club in Santa Monica, it’s inevitable that you’ll meet great people who support you along your journey in your career in comedy. Members of a comedy club will be there for you to support and encourage you, and will need you to do the same.


Make Lasting Memories

You’re more likely to remember something when you’re laughing with people you love. You will make so many unforgettable memories that you’ll cherish forever. You might even fall in love. Instead of going to a bar to meet that special someone, you’re probably more likely to meet someone worthwhile who is into the same things that you are at a comedy club.


Hone Your Craft

Whether you’re naturally funny, or drawn to comedy and want to cultivate those skills, joining a comedy club is the perfect way to do it. Channel all of your energy into something positive and develop your talent. You’ll be funnier after joining a comedy club, than if you didn’t. Give your love of comedy a home, and don’t let that talent go to waste.


Comedy is Healing 

It does wonders for your health and is a beautiful channel for self-expression and creativity. Develop the part of you that you keep tucked away. The world needs you! Don’t be withholding of the love and laughs that your soul is aching to let out so that you could transform and evolve. Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to fail. Without failure, there’s no growth. Don’t let fear of telling a “bad” joke stop you from developing your skill as a comedian or a comedic writer.


Author Bio-

Nicole Blaine is the owner and founder of The Crow, a comedy club and education space that is a safe space for all to laugh, learn, and evolve as humans through comedy, writing and the performing arts. As a stand-up comedian, writer, producer, and mom, she loves curating comedy at The Crow for ALL AGES, ABILITIES, GENDERS, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ humans performing, studying, and watching.