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Should I Rent or Buy Silent Disco Headphones?

There is a new party phenomenon going on – silent disco headphones. They can be used for large musical gatherings. That is not all that they can do though.

People can use them to do things like watch movies at the volume they like. They can be used at conferences. Autistic and other special needs people like them because they can control how loud or soft things are and the sounds are confined to the headphones.

You may be thinking of renting silent disco headphones yourself. But you should ask yourself if it would be better to buy them. We’re here to help you make the decision.



Most of the time, you only have to pay a few dollars to rent the headphones for the evening. In return, you get a very cool looking headset with lights that pulse to the music. You can channel your own inner DJ for that time.

You should consider this option if you are one who periodically goes to parties, if at all. That way, you only pay a small fee to use it that time and then you can be finished with it until you go to another party. You can save your money for other things in the future.



This would be an excellent option if there were things that you were going to consistently use it for. Let’s say that you are going to be doing yoga on a daily basis. Then it might be a good idea to have the silent disco headphones to help keep you focused.

Also, if you are going to parties, especially in this day and age of Covid-19, you might be better off bringing your own headset to the party. That way, you get to control who uses it and you can be certain that you are the only one who has used the headphones. That can give you an extra bit of comfort as you dance to the music.

What it comes down to is how often you would use it – if you go to parties a lot, then that rental fee could add up. Then the purchase might be a better investment. You just have to look at your habits and make the decision.


In either case, you will have fun using it. The technology should only improve as time goes by. Go have a blast using it.