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What to Consider When Choosing Home Exterior Hanging Lights

Human beings are visual creatures. We love pretty things, like flowers, people, animals, houses, and more. That is why interior designers have a skill they can market because there is a large market for it. However, it is not only the interior aesthetic that people care for. They also care about the exterior aesthetic of their home.

An essential part of the outward aesthetic is the hanging lights; people with different tastes want different hanging lights to complement their façade. Moreover, you can now get different designer lighting for your home exterior.   There are many things to consider when getting a hanging light for the exterior of your home, like the level of brightness, the design, the price, the aesthetic factor, and how it complements your façade.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Exterior Hanging Lights

When picking out hanging lights for your home exterior, there are a couple of things you should consider, which will guide you to the best choice for your unique taste.

Budget and Cost

Usually, when purchasing anything, the first thing to consider is the cost. Juxtapose the price with your budget, then view several hanging lights within this range. After thorough consideration, you can then choose the light you fancy out of all the choices that meet your budget.

Consider the Height

The height of the hanging light matters a lot. To consider the size, you must first consider the location you want to put the light. If it comes with a pole, and is too high, it might not provide enough lighting, and if it’s too low, it can create a comic effect or dwarf your landscape. At the same time, lighting experts agree at 65-67 inches above the ground or just above eye level is the best height.

That said, tall hanging lights can be used deliberately to create a unique effect. The same goes for low-hanging light. It can be used to, let’s say, make a fairy tale walkway.  What you do with your hanging lights is up to your creativity, but try to ensure the heights complement what you have in mind.

Consider the Size

Exterior lights are bigger than interior lights. That is because it has a larger landscape to cover than interior lightning. Consider the street lights you usually see. Most of them, if not all, are generally mega-size compared to the interior lightning. Therefore it is ideal to go for bigger sizes.

Consider the Durability

“I will weather stormy seas, rainy nights, and starry nights with you” you should have heard something similar to that in wedding vows. That vow is what your hanging light needs. In other words, it should be durable. Unlike inside the houses, outside there are rainy days, stormy days, snowy days, hail, windy days, and other bad and good weather. Your hanging light should have the ability to withstand all that and still be standing, at least five years later. That way, you will enjoy it best without looking for maintenance and repair every month or year.


It would help if you considered places you usually move around at night or where your kids typically play, like the porch lights, garage lights, and others. The location is a crucial factor in ensuring the light provides enough lighting at critical locations you usually move around at night.

Style and Color

The most popular finish for outdoor lights is bronze, black, and brass. Brass is the classic choice, while black is beloved for its versatility. The lighting should be a warmer color temperature if you place the hanging lights on architectural elements, around 2500k-2700k. On the other hand, the cooler ones should be saved for trees and plants.

Hanging lights serve many purposes, such as security, decoration, and for illumination. To get hanging lights for your home, you should consider the height, size, durability, style and color, and more. And there you have it, what you should consider for your home exterior hanging lights.