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Hydrotechnik Lubeck: Energy and the Environment Together

Hydrotechnik Lübeck is a family-run business, that efficiently maintains the harmony between the protection of marine life and the success of the energy industry.  Such a feat involves a wide range of solutions that encompass air, water, and oil, to keep the world’s oceans and open waters clean. These challenges are achieved by combining unrivalled knowledge of hydraulic engineering to create compressed air barriers that ensure the survival of marine life, both locally in Germany, and across international borders. Accordingly, Hydrotechnik Lübeck amalgamates good, solid craftsmanship with fresh and innovative ideas.  

Based primarily in Lubeck, Germany, their main environmental practises can be found in underwater noise protection, oil barriers, and diving walls. Each operation can guarantee their client’s the efficient clearing of polluted water quickly and safely. For example, a Compressed Air Oil Barrier is a technical operation that has been utilised by Hydrotechnik Lübeck for over ten years in locks, ports, rivers, canals, and even industrial plants. Quite simply, rising air creates a barrier on the water that stops everything from floating in the designated space. A similar concept is also used in sound mitigation, in which Hydrotechnik Lübeck utilises state-of-the-art technology to create the ‘Big Bubble Curtain’. This mechanism is adopted for noise protection during offshore pile driving and offshore munitions detonation. Other environmental protections include diving walls, in which a specialist team of dedicated divers conduct essential underwater work. Each project is in compliance with multiple safety standards, utilising knowledge and experience even in the dark depths of the water. 

When looking at the industry as a whole, underwater noise protection is developing rapidly in Europe, creating a larger global network. Alongside the underwater noise sector, significant developments are also beginning to emerge in the air oil barrier and diving walls industry, as greater awareness of marine life protection emerges. An example of such awareness means that Hydrotechnik Lübeck welcome the exciting challenge of expanding global awareness of underwater noise protection. The recognition of Hydrotechnik Lübeck’s work is fundamental for the survival of underwater species, as the communication between animals underwater is necessary for survival and can be sensitively disrupted by sectors such as shipping and oil and gas exploration. Consequently, there is no doubt that underwater noise protection will become a key operation for years to come, making mechanisms such as the ‘Big Bubble Curtain’ so important.  

Hydrotechnik Lübeck prides itself on the company’s family roots, and the stability that this foundation creates across the entire company. Evidently, the company’s CEO Cay Grunau has been with the company for over 45 years, encouraged by a strong sense of commitment and longevity that stems across the Hydrotechnik Lübeck team. Grunau has a long history in engineering that has transported him to his position today.  Grunau, as a civil engineer for the majority of his life, has a strong passion for hydraulic engineering. When speaking to Grunau, he told us about the importance of his passion:  

“This professional goal has been clear to me since I was allowed to accompany my father in constructing the Ennepetalsperre in the Sauerland at the age of 12. The nature on our planet is just too beautiful and essential for us. So, it is important that we protect it when it is endangered. There is nothing more excellent than being active on the water, as well as being underwater and making our contribution to the protection of the animal world, nature, and the environment.”  

Fundamentally, Hydrotechnik Lübeck’s vital work in hydraulic engineering is a great example of how marine life can co-exist in the oil and energy industry. This is possible by the use of specialised technology and knowledge of the sector that rightfully puts the environment at the heart of its business, creating a greater marine climate one project at a time.