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market-i: Revolutionising Brand Strategy

As an industry, marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors, with innovative strategies and technological capabilities developing at a rapid rate. This is particularly pertinent when we consider how social media, and the wider world of advertising, are constantly evolving. Market-i can help navigate a path for their clientele, by providing unmatched cultural insights into the digital world and helping their clients forge a competitive path in the digital and technological space. A passion for their client’s business is the main driver of market-i’s operations. Market-i also benefits from a clear knowledge of the changeable environment of marketing. As such, this dream combination means that market-i is highly efficient at guiding companies through market insights, customer behaviour, brand strategy and communications.  

As a boutique outfit, they provide specialised solutions that are individual to each company, with the ability to be flexible to each business’s needs. Such a wide array of knowledge means that have elevated companies across a spectrum of industries and strategies, including brand health tracking and customer satisfaction. At the pace at which marketing develops, market-i also possesses the capability to predict changes so that each client can be one step ahead of the game. 

Market i’s vast pool of experience first began in Germany in 2007. The company was founded by an experienced committee of research professionals, who investigated how brand strategy could be elevated to the next level. Consequently, they created an agency that seamlessly provided ideas to inspire their clients, in a productive and forward-thinking initiative.  

To provide the perfect solution for marketing inquiries, market-i conducts thorough qualitative and quantitative research to create an in-depth profile of each company. They also take a look at the audience in detail through advanced analytics, in order to formulate a comprehensive program for each respective company. This is achieved through the deployment of mobile survey platforms, social media surveys, online research panels, as well as QR-activated surveys.  

Such comprehensive research ensures that the market-i team are more than ready to provide support, whatever the request. The list of areas that market-i work on is too extensive for single article. However, their influence stems across a variety of sectors including technology, government, beauty and hair care, pharmaceutical products, food and beverage, financial services, amongst much more.  

In the last ten years, the digital presence of social media has exponentially grown, due to its accessibility to a mass audience. When looking at market-I’s social media strategy, we can really get to the core of what they do. Firstly, they provide Social Media Listening Programs, that are simple but effective, enabling marketing directors to develop the foundations of the online conversation landscape that surrounds their brand. This is conducted by collating findings from the aforementioned research and tools. Consequently, they can identify trends in the brands online strategy, as well as their competitors. It can also judge current brand sentiment and important online channels of conversation. Such data means that a brand strategy can be constructed that is in keeping with their online conversation and harnesses the power of a variety of platforms. Alongside Social Media Listening, online brand communities can be built through platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Again, such platforms are amazing channels of communication, so that a company can engage with their audiences and customers in the best way possible. Brand communities also facilitate brilliant resources for company insights, therefore allowing market-i to create expert programs that tap into online communities for targeted market research.  

With such a varied portfolio, it is no wonder that they expand across an international network. The global component of any brand is a key focus of what market-i, as companies are aided through the global digital space. This encapsulates a manager’s understanding of categories and brands in the context of the variety of global cultures. Subsequently, with experienced aid, global strategies can be incorporated into any company as the world continues to get smaller. 

As a global marketing entity, market-i has the capabilities and knowledge to accelerate your brand’s recognition across multiple platforms. This is achieved by conducting trustworthy consumer research, the use of an advanced technology lab, and public diplomacy and communications. Therefore, companies can be guaranteed an effective highway to marketing success, as brand strategy becomes increasingly more important in a digital world.