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Renkert Oil: Crystal Clear

Serving nearly every industry world-wide, Renkert Oil supplies highly refined mineral oils that improve quality, cost and efficiency for a wide range of products. As an expert in the oil industry, Renkert Oil attracts the most capable industry veterans who focus their expertise on solving customers’ technical and logistical problems. Renkert Oil also provides guidance for their clients on the oil to choose that will best suit their needs, as Renkert has the capability to meet nearly any specification, regardless of how niche it may be. By supplying their customers with advice, security, and the right products – they are a vital partner in each customer’s success.  

As an established oil distributor since 1987, Renkert’s customers depend on them to provide industry-leading customer service.  With supply terminals across the USA and in Europe, they serve an array of international partners, providing consistency on a global scale. Alongside the distribution of speciality oils from world-leading producers, Renkert produces its own food-grade oil products to match international demands. This is exemplified by the awarding of the global Quality Management certification which highlights their dedicated quality focus.   

Process oils are used either to aid processing, improve safety or improve the quality of finished goods.  Renkert Oil serves the rubber and ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE) industry with extender oils which improve the softness and pliability as well as the cost of these products.  

Mineral oils are key to lubrication and guarantee higher quality oils that have added benefits. For example, Renkert supply Nexbase synthetics that improve fuel economy in passenger cars as well as heavier-duty engines. Furthermore, their advancements in Isoparafins have a reduced environmental impact, due to their biodegradable quality.  

As part of their innovation strategy, Renkert developed the capability to produce very high purity, crystal-clear mineral oils. In fact, the US government’s FermiLab chose Renkert Oil as the highest quality in the sector and won the company a large contract to support their NOvA physics experiment, which used Renkert oil to detect Neutrinos. Based on that project, they have grown to be the third-largest Food Grade Mineral Oil producer in North America. Much of their USP quality mineral oils are used in sensitive Food Processing, Cosmetics, Medical, Agriculture, and many more applications.  

Renkert Oil has become one of the biggest white mineral oil suppliers internationally, producing specially selected products to meet a wide range of industry needs. Many of their customers want the assurance of FDA approved, food grade quality of their Renoil colourless and odourless mineral oils. Customers are therefore guaranteed the most state-of-the-art products that are internationally recognised for their quality. 

Renkert Oil’s broad client base reflects the innovative solutions that Renkert provides, as they are not just a distributor of process oils, but also invest in industry experts, inventory, and the facilities to make custom products. The close industry relationships that Renkert has acquired over the past 35 years ensure supply security for their customers. The technical expertise that Renkert provides simplifies product development. Whether it be distribution, consulting, or production, they are always on hand to support specialised projects for their customers and international clientele.