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S&techs :Trustworthy Construction

As a base for many industries, Hong Kong has overcome many recent adversities, namely the anti-lockdown protests and the social and industrial impacts of Covid-19. It would be naive to say that this has not impacted the construction industry in Hong Kong, as it develops alongside the rest of the world. For S&techs, however, as a full-service main contractor based in Hong Kong, they have not let such disturbances have an adverse effect on their operations. Rather, they have proactively utilised this time to focus on their other international operations, by increasing their staff and evolving their markets in neighbouring regions.  


At the core of the business, is S&tech’s comprehensive construction management, which has driven them to become one of the most prominent construction companies in the special administrative region of Hong Kong. Their primary services in the APAC region consist of the construction of interior fit-outs, refurbishment and in Mainland China, out-of ground construction projects. Because of their APAC footprint, they remain the only fit-out and refurbishment contractor to be able to service clients throughout the region. This means that they have access to an impressive range of industries. Such sectors include Banking & Finance, Commercial, Hotel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Mission Critical, Industrial Manufacturing, and much more.  

S&techs’s wide range of design and construction services include construction management at risk (CMAR), main contracting, design and build, and construction management consulting. Each project is completed using extensive knowledge gained by 22 years of experience, which is complimented by their in-house capabilities that are a key component of their projects. Their committed team, totalling 210 members, are also recognised as key asset to the business. Each team member is dedicated to the goal of seamless project completion. Thus, due to such productive and streamlined operations, they have recently received the accolade of Asia’s Leading Construction Service Provider of the Year at Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Business (HKMOB) Awards.   

With such a repertoire under their belt, S&techs’ influence expands across international borders. The company has broadened their operations in the APAC region, with further markets in Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Foshan, and they work with key Alliance Partners in many more regions. They are also currently looking to expand their construction management expertise in other areas of Asia Pacific, including the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Further office potential can be seen in Malaysia, and other South East Asia locations. The key alliances that S&techs have created are vital to provide service to both local and international clients in locations where they do not have offices.  

Additional advantages of international alliances lie in partnerships with multi-billion-dollar construction companies such as STO Building Group, the New York based Construction Services provider of which S&techs is the APAC Alliance partner. This opens up a network of global influence.  

S&techs is in a highly established position as an Asia-leading construction management company, that has great influence across a range of sectors and countries. Therefore, with 22 years of experience in the construction industry, S&techs will professionally build their client’s projects from start to finish. In the future, S&techs are eager to build on their talented workforce and develop their alliances to build on their already flourishing success.