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Five Reasons Why Retailers Need To Switch to Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions.

There is a growing campaign by consumers across the globe to demand more accountability, sustainability, and environmental responsibility from companies. This has prompted businesses to make strategic efforts to reduce the impacts of their business activities on the environment and develop eco-friendly initiatives to protect the environment. A small step towards meeting this need is using eco-friendly packagings like sustainable custom mailer boxes, recyclable materials, and biodegradable and compostable packaging. 

The packaging design of a product is an integral part of any business’s success. The packaging of your goods facilitates transportation, provides protection, and makes your brand more recognizable to customers. However, today’s brands also consider sustainability to ensure that their packaging poses no risk to their customers and environment throughout its lifecycle.


The Importance of Switching to Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Sustainable packaging offers a wide range of benefits to retailers. Here are some benefits of switching to environmentally friendly packaging.

Customers Demand Sustainability

Most consumers today are concerned about the environment and sustainability, especially those in the 18-30 demographic. Right from school, they have been taught about eco-consciousness and protecting the environment. As a result, they prioritize sustainability when looking for brands to patronize. A survey by Nielsen involving 30,000 people in 60 countries around the world revealed that 66 percent of customers are willing to favor brands that use sustainable packaging, even if it means spending more. Customers also say that they will be willing to switch to more environmentally friendly businesses than their current brands.

This shows that retailers that use environmentally friendly packaging enjoy a competitive edge over brands that do not. Switching to environmentally friendly packaging can help you to meet customers’ expectations and increase your customer base in the market.


Reduced Costs

Companies that invest in sustainable retail packaging are better for the environment and more profitable. Even though the initial cost of adopting environmentally friendly packaging may be on the high side, the business can save money in the long run through reduced material usage, lower waste management costs, and increased bottom line. 

Retailers may also save money by benefiting from tax credits, grants, and other incentives that the government offers to businesses that adopt sustainable practices. This will help them to reduce the overall costs of the business.


Lower Carbon Footprint

Switching to sustainable packaging can reduce your business’s carbon contribution to your environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions during packaging production and product transportation. For instance, employing sustainable packaging – like bioplastics, which are produced from renewable materials- reduces the demand for materials from the earth and, subsequently, reduces the carbon footprint. 

You can also lower your carbon footprint by using lightweight packaging, which requires less energy to produce, less greenhouse emission, and less fuel consumption to transport to your customers. This will help you conserve resources, further reduce your carbon footprint, and reduce the impacts of your business on the environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability is one of the critical elements of corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility is the ethical and social obligation to act in the best interests of their stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, and the general public. It ranges from creating an initiative to protect the environment to donating to charity.

Adopting sustainable practices and using environmentally friendly packaging can help your business to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. It will demonstrate your commitment to society and help you to build a strong and positive brand reputation, thereby attracting customers and investors who value eco-consciousness and social responsibility.


Builds Brand Loyalty

Adopting environmentally friendly packaging can help retailers to build a positive brand image and reputation and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. This helps to differentiate them from competitors and stand out from the crowd. 

It can also increase consumer awareness of environmental issues and spur them to patronize businesses supporting the environment. It can improve the overall customer experience with your product because your products have less waste and are easier to recycle. This will encourage business loyalty and allow you to attract eco-conscious customers in the market.


Bottom Line

There are no drawbacks to switching to environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Sustainability is fast becoming the standard to run a profitable business, especially as people become more conscious about environmentalism. It would be best if you jumped on the trend early enough to meet customers’ expectations and, more importantly, to safeguard the planet.