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The Challenges of Claiming Non-Economic Damages in a Personal Injury Case

A personal injury can set you back and burden you with severe losses. You can gain a new challenge in your daily life. Whether you got hurt in a car accident or a slip-and-fall, you deserve proper compensation for every damage incurred.

Non-economic damages are damages that do not have an exact value. Examples of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment. Filing your non-economic damages suit may be difficult. Here are the challenges of claiming non-economic damages in a personal injury case.

Lack of Legal Guidance

An experienced personal injury attorney offers proper guidance on seeking personal injury compensation. Without an expert, you may miss important details about your claim. An experienced attorney provides all the legal advice and representation you need.

You must adhere to set regulations when making a personal injury claim. Overlooking a single detail can have your claim canceled. You must observe the set time limits and submit all your documentation and proof when filing the claim.

Lack of proof

Some people do not have proof of their damages. To win your case, you need definitive proof that your claims arose from the accident. It must also meet the requirements to stand in the trial. Most victims do not collect evidence that can help them at such moments.

Some types of evidence may not stand in court. That renders it useless. For instance, an evaluation by a doctor can only be permissible if it comes from a certified expert. Emotional claims apply if the victim had to see a therapist after the accident.

Some cases are hard to prove. For instance, you may struggle to find proof that a building owner knew about a dangerous condition that caused your injury. A private investigator can help you collect such evidence.

Poor Negotiation Skills

You may have some evidence and everything, but negotiation skills can make or break your injury case. Non-economic damages also do not hold a distinct value. You have to peg your value. Some states have limits to the amount you can claim.

Good negotiation skills get you a good deal. The other team will walk all over you if you don’t know how to value your injuries and negotiate the amount you desire. An attorney comes in handy at such times.

Lack of Financing

You need money to cater to all expenses incurred during your personal injury case. Hiring a layer can be costly at times. Some places require you to pay a contingency fee. There are also other costs like traveling from office to office.

When building a solid case, you need to hire an investigator. They can help you nab dark secrets to help you win the case. Some private investigators cost more than the lawyer’s fees. Medical consultations with experts require money. You have to spend out of pocket, which sometimes discourages most personal injury victims.

End Note

You can overcome the challenges of filing a non-economic personal injury claim. Proper research and preparation can set you up for success. You may also enjoy working with an expert.