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    Over the years, Endeavour Magazine has had the privilege to follow the changing fortunes of the African business world. Suffice to say, this has given us a great vantage point from which to observe this remarkable continent’s transformation in recent years.
    Isn’t it wonderful that Africa is finally beginning to realise it’s almost limitless potential? The change has been a sight to behold, as lights turn on across every corner of the continent. While the global economy has spluttered through a decade which has been characterised by stagnant growth rates and stubbornly high unemployment, the African continent has undoubtedly been one of the world’s brightest economic hotspots.
    What is there to say? Africa, with its increasingly prosperous people and markets, is the future. It has finally succeeded in shedding its reputation in the eyes of the international community as a place synonymous with poverty and conflict.
    Of course, there is still work to do. Challenges and threats are never far away and will continue to emerge – particularly in light of the threat posed by populist revolts against free trade and globalisation in the developed world, and rising national debt levels closer to home. In order for the continent to maintain its upward trajectory, investment must continue. If this happens, job creation will continue, trade between nations will rise, and high growth rates will likely be maintained.