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    Creating region-specific quarterlies is vital as it highlights commonalities in cultural practises, as well as bringing to light local communities, and the ways in which they interact with titans of business.
    The West Indies comprises a complex and diverse collection of Islands. This includes the Bahamas, the Greater and Lesser Antilles, and a further three thousand islands and reefs in total. Although the region is known for its vast volcanoes and tropical forests, it also boasts a rich cultural history. This is cultivated by its diversity of nationalities, creating an eclectic mix of cultures, passions and working environments.
    The West Indies’ location means that it is perfectly situated for optimal trade and business, consequently, it is regarded as one of the most prominent regions within the Caribbean. Therefore, as a bustling tourist destination, with a keen eye for expansion projects, it is ideal for exciting new business ventures in an ever-changing business landscape. This is further endorsed by its prized diversity of cultures, which brings strength to the Caribbean Basin, alongside a tight community spirit that can be found across the stunning region.
    Despite its spectacular scenery and bustling local community, the West Indies is not without its challenges, materialised by drastic market changes and extreme weather. This demonstrates the capability of the region to respond to challenges and tenaciously overcome adversity. Namely, some of the West Indies’ islands were greatly impacted by 2017’s detrimental storm season. And yet, the communities of the West Indies came together to patch up the region and restore it to its former glory.
    Having come through some of these challenges, it is important now more than ever that we hear some of the stories of the companies who have, quite literally, weathered the storm. Thus, allowing us to celebrate their subsequent successes.