Coffee Break Safety

Introducing Advancements In Safety For Public Places

Weapon detection systems protect schools, airports, venues, and other public places from gun violence and other potential threats. Since their creation, weapon detection systems are becoming more and more advanced technologically.

Prior to the new technology available for these systems, weapon detection systems heavily relied on electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation to protect the public from potential harm. Now, weapon detection systems detect weapons with newer, various forms of technology.

The technologies weapon detection systems commonly use are x-ray scanning, which is typically used in body scanning systems, low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, passive millimeter wave imaging systems (PWWM), and now, artificial intelligence.

Both low-frequency electromagnetic radiation and PWWM assess the distribution of effective radiation temperatures of objects. The difference between  PMMW and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation is that PMMW does not emit radiation whereas low-frequency electromagnetic radiation does.

With low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, passive millimeter wave imaging systems, and artificial intelligence, weapon detection systems are enhancing safety for public places everywhere. Some common public places and building that are advancing their weapon detection systems are,

Theme Parks

Theme parks are incorporating weapon detection systems into their security systems and finding more advanced means to protect the public. These systems are becoming more and more common as newer systems become available.

Some theme parks use the basic technology in metal detectors to detect weapons, while other theme parks are integrating AI in their systems. In larger cities, like Detroit, weapons detection screening systems are being installed at theme parks to prevent potential threats and gun violence.


Some schools already have weapon detection systems, such as metal detectors, screen monitoring systems, and body scanners in place. However, schools are taking further precautions and advancing their current systems with systems that have better, more advanced technology.

Some schools are replacing their metal detectors and integrating artificial intelligence in their weapon detection systems.

Public Spaces

Major cities across the U.S. are installing weapon detection in public places. Metal detectors were commonly used, however because newer technology is becoming readily available, cities are taking advantage of newer systems to further protect the public.

Some weapon detection systems use Wi-Fi technology to detect weapons such as guns, knives, and other object that could potentially cause harm while others are fusing AI into their systems like some schools.

Other public spaces, such as event venues, are upgrading their systems and replacing metal detector and x-ray body scanning systems with AI-integrated systems.