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Pepsi Cola Jamaica Bottling Company Ltd.: Putting the ‘I’ in Jamaica

As an international brand, PepsiCo is a company that many of us are very familiar with, boasting the most diverse beverage portfolio in the world of leading global brands such as Pepsi, 7up, Liptons and Gatorade, whilst also holding a substantial mix of local brands like Gamesa, Mafer, Torix and Kero Coco. However, as such a large and expanding brand, they often need to turn to local distributors to meet the production and output needs across the globe, this is where we find Pepsi Cola Jamaica Bottling Company. When we last looked at Pepsi Cola Jamaica Bottling Co., part of the Pepsi Jamaica brand and a subsidiary of PepsiCo, they had just begun production on a new beverage under Tropicana, which would be fulfilled in the Jamaican bottling facility. Now, we see how Pepsi Jamaica has inspired the nation through its ad campaigns and marked a huge investment with Tropicana that focuses on its local consumer base.  

Following the pandemic, the world is quite considerably a different place and Pepsi Jamaica saw a need for inspiring and bringing back the beloved national pride of Jamaicans through their ad campaign relaunching ‘JamaICAN’. Following the success of the original campaign in 2018, the company saw it was crucial to bring it back when the national spirit was at a low. The campaign takes great inspiration from the unapologetic national pride, identity and unity of spirit that is known to Jamaicans. The campaign brings Pepsi Jamaica and the consumer together by reminding the customer that they are the ‘I’ in Jamaica, and it is their uniqueness that Pepsi Jamaica champions in their campaign. It is clear that Pepsi Jamaica is keen to reinforce national identity and pride, which through the campaign they reaffirm its position as a company that supports and uplifts the local community. Jamaica is a country with a rich background and achievement, and this is something Pepsi Jamaica takes pride in being a part of through its bottling facility and campaigns.  

As we saw last time we covered Pepsi Jamaica, they had just launched Splash a flavoured water beverage under the umbrella of Tropicana, facilitated through the Jamaican bottling facility. As of September 2022, Pepsi Jamaica, owned by beverages giant Continental Beverage Corporation (CBC), has made a US$2 million investment in the local production of Tropicana, producing a natural juice line with no added artificial sugars. These juices retail for JMD$200-220 per bottle making them a premium beverage that boasts the health benefits of reduced artificial sugar, whilst remaining affordable to the Jamaican market. The goal of the juice stays in line with Pepsi Jamaica’s continuing desire to support and uplift the community.  

The company aims to advocate for finding ways that their bottling company can benefit the country, and in return its people. The new juice drink will eventually be looked at in the long term for export, however, the company is focusing first on meeting the needs and distribution requirements in the local market first to bring premium and affordable beverages to those locally. As part of Pepsi Jamaica’s desire for nation-building through this new venture with the Tropicana brand, the bottling facility will continue to provide continuous job opportunities to all qualified Jamaicans within other fields that are relevant to the manufacturing industry. Therefore, Pepsi Jamaica continues to bring development and financial stability to its local communities in Jamaica.  

Pérez y Cía provides global support services to the shipping and logistics sectors, and so works closely with Pepsi Jamaica to provide services with shipping logistics, and supply chain management from their bottling facility. Pérez y Cía expanded its operations from its origins in Spain and Portugal to the Caribbean and Central America in 1979. They remain keenly concerned with maintaining professionalism, efficiency, and respect for the environment throughout all the roles they play in the various supply chains they operate in. As a leading company, Pérez y Cía has more than 45 offices strategically placed across the world so it can offer the best solutions globally and has done so since 1853. As part of a continuing relationship with Pepsi Jamaica, Pérez y Cía offer the company crucial shipping needs for smooth production from the Jamaican bottling facility.

Overall, the PepsiCo brand continues to grow which means so does the increase in production at the Jamaican bottling facility. Pepsi Jamaica champions its people, always focusing its bottling production, employment goals, and its social impact on the people of Jamaica first. By doing so, Pepsi Jamaica has established itself as a crucial part of PepsiCo which is bringing real change in Jamaica.