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Kaizen Environmental Services Trinidad Limited: Over 25 Years of Environmental Conservation

As the population continues to steadily increase, the amount of waste produced globally has reached staggering figures. Companies such as Kaizen Environmental Services Trinidad Ltd are working to provide effective and responsible solutions to combat the growing issue of waste generation. Throughout its services, Kaizen continues to provide solutions to increasing environmental problems by providing services across all industries. With the help of Kaizen, organisations can improve their environmental conservation efforts in line with global regulations, whilst hitting their own sustainability targets. Consequently, Kaizen is leading the way across Trinidad for providing sustainable waste management, collection, transportation, and disposal across the country, whilst contributing significantly towards regional and international research efforts to improve conservation through its laboratory facilities.  

Since its origins in 1998, Kaizen has been providing sustainable waste management solutions across the industries of Trinidad. Kaizen collects, transports, and disposes of waste generated from industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing, packaging, food and beverage industry, storage and distribution, medical institutes, private and public schools, logistics and handling in the shipping industry and waste from the transport industry. Whilst this is not an extensive list of every sector that Kaizen works with, it represents the wide network of industries that Kaizen’s operations are benefitting. Throughout these industries, Kaizen is offering waste incineration, bioremediation, chemical blending and recycling, chemical neutralization, decontamination, audits, and tank cleaning – to name just a few.  

Kaizen’s operations are split into four significant divisions, which work together to provide sustainable solutions across a variety of industries. The first division is Kaizen Lab which is the analytic division of Kaizen Environmental which specialises in applying its analytical technique to environmental chemistry for water and wastewater analysis, oil analysis, solid and soil waste characterisation, food chemistry and microbiology. The research and analysis division of Kaizen is well established having provided analytical research for the last 20 years. The division is critically concerned with ensuring that all effluent is monitored, separated, and disposed of through the Kaizen Waste Treatment Facility at La Brea in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  

Kaizen’s second division looks at Project Services, which executes environmental consulting and contracting services in the form of project works. The division is made up of a team of environmental specialists and technicians, instrument technicians, which are supported by Kaizen Lab and Enviro Products, as well as a team of environmental specialists and scientists based in Canada at Kaizen International. This division looks at air quality, environmental assessment, site remediation and reclamation, environmental sampling, testing and monitoring services. Furthermore, Kaizen Enviro Products is a third division seeking to develop partnerships with its customers by offering a full line of portable and fixed gas detection systems, noise monitors, aerosol and dust detection systems, meteorological systems, and other environmental and safety equipment. Additionally, the division works with its customers to set up, services, training, calibration, technical support and provide customer response services. The priority of this division is to ensure that all its rental equipment is running smoothly, to ensure that the accuracy and safety of their operations are of top priority.  

The final division, and arguably their largest is Waste Services which is the key division providing the waste management facilitation. Whether this be industrial, petrochemical or energy sectors – the division is helping the community of Trinidad and Tobago at large by providing remediation and destruction services, as well as chemical blending and recycling, and other speciality waste management services. A further crucial part of its role is in spill response services, to limit and ensure that should a spill occur it is responded to and managed appropriately to reduce and prevent as much environmental damage as possible. Consequently, Kaizen stands behind its services and continues to provide a strict commitment to ensuring that environmental conservation is a top priority throughout its work to facilitate the waste management of its customers.   

Kaizen Environmental Services Trinidad Limited are tirelessly working to ensure that the planet is put first. Their waste management services are leading the way supported by a range of science and research to ensure that every aspect of the waste disposal procedure is done in the most effective and responsible way possible. Companies such as Kaizen are exemplifying how drastic shifts are needed to meet the growing production of waste globally. However, through Kaizen’s divisions, they are making a difference one service at a time and pushing the industry towards a more sustainable future.