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SAM Mouldings: Family-Run Manufacturing

With over 6000 profiles in its product range, SAM Mouldings is a family-run company that strives to deliver the best quality MDF products for its customers. Behind every operation is a passion for helping its clients to achieve the results they desire whether working in industrial, commercial, or residential settings. Therefore, SAM has spent over 30 years as a key trusted partner in the construction and home improvement industry.

SAM was founded in 1990 but Sam and Julienne McCrea to provide industry leading MDF products backed by its customer service teams which are just as passionate about construction and renovation projects as its clients. Today, SAM’s MDF products can be seen in homes, offices, hotels, and a whole range of commercial buildings across the UK, Europe, Ireland, and the United States. To achieve such a vast network, SAM has two key central locations with one in Northern Ireland and another in England. These hubs are focused on providing market-leading, consistent, and reliable products which are suitable for almost any setting.

For those that don’t know – MDF is a type of low-wastage, engineered wood product which is made by combining ground wood chips into fibres and then boding them with a synthetic resin. Once bonded this resin is then pressed into flat panels using heat and pressure to create the MDF products that SAM began its operations with all those years ago. As MDF is an engineered wood it makes it a great choice for a whole range of purposes thanks to its easy-to-cut and install nature, as well as its low maintenance, unlike other hardwood options. You can expect to see MDF in products such as skirting, architrave, Plinth blocks, decorative mouldings, internal cladding, panelling, door framing, window boards, stair accessories, fascia, and soffits. As you can see, MDF can be used across the whole home and commercial setting, as so with SAM’s focus on developing its own range of MDF products which are backed by the family-friendly and customer-focused teams of the company, it’s a clear win-win situation for both SAM and its clients.

Since we last covered SAM, it has introduced its SAM Wrap line which has created MDF profiles which are wrapped in real wood veneer which can be used in place of solid timber. The look and aesthetics of the wrapped MDF products match that of the real thing, but with it being MDF it benefits from time-saving and cost-effective installation, especially compared to traditional timber products. Another key division for SAM is its ‘ZERO’ range which is designed for project sites where time and money are of the essence, or in-home renovation projects where convenience and ease are needed. SAM ZERO provides a range of high-quality MDF products which are pre-primed before they reach the customer. This priming with an acrylic topcoat eliminates the need for further painting. This is designed to make installation much easier and keep costs low as no extra paint is needed to achieve the same finish. On the project site, this is essential to reduce labour and materials costs.

The final key product division for SAM is SAM Extreme which uses Medite Tricoba Extreme (MTX) within its manufacturing. MTX is a durable fibreboard which when mixed into MDF board provides extra durable mouldings which can be finished in a variety of ways. The extreme durability of these MDF-MTX products ensures that even in the most extreme of conditions, the products you buy from SAM are unlikely to be affected. These are available in primed, unprimed, fully finished, fascia, soffit, and decorative cladding options. These are also available across SAM’s standard Stock, Extra and Bespoke lines which are designed to help every customer find the right MDF product for them.

As we have seen, SAM is committed to ensuring that its customers are at the forefront of its operations, and every effort has been made to ensure that throughout its manufacturing and product lines, it has products designed for every customer’s needs. This customer-focused approach was recognised in April when SAM surpassed the industry standard of the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a rating that is conducted by a survey to understand the likelihood of customers recommending a service to their peers. The results of this survey in the manufacturing industry typically sit around a score of 49%. However, SAM achieved a score of 78%, highlighting that over 70% of its customers would recommend the SAM to a friend based on the excellent service they received. This score really highlights SAM’s family-focused passion that began the company almost three decades ago. Over the past 30 years, SAM has remained firm in its commitment to delivering results for its customers through its services and product quality. The success of the survey continues to solidify SAM’s dedication to fostering strong and reliable communication between it and its customers.

Overall, SAM Moulding may at first be seen as a small family-run manufacturing company, but its presence and reputation across the manufacturing industry speaks for itself. With such a wide variety of MDF product offerings to suit every customer’s needs and the NPS score to backing its top-notch customer service – we look forward to seeing how SAM Mouldings continues to expand its product offerings in the future and continue to meet the demands of its clients.