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Promor Pte. Ltd.: Singapore Offshore Solutions

Promor Pts. Ltd. has been providing a range of innovative services and designs to the oil and gas offshore industry in Singapore. Over the years, its work has continued to design, provide and successfully complete engineering services across Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) vessels. After developing its own proprietary technology, Promor continues to provide its customers with excellent service that takes projects from their concept development all the way through it the construction, integration and execution of systems and their components. Therefore, Promor stands out as a company that continues to provide cost-effective products and services to its clients, backed by years of experience and industry expertise.  

Founded in 2011, Promor leads the way offering a range of services to FPSO and FSO vessels in the oil and gas industry, including process studies, utility systems, hull structure, riser balconies, riser and subsea system interfaces, as well as complete mooring systems. Within this, Promor has developed its own unique proprietary technology for its range of internal and external turret mooring, spread mooring, dis-connectable turret mooring, CALM buoys, fluid swivel and offloading systems. Consequently, Promor provides the offshore oil and gas industry with innovative solutions suited to the client’s exact requirements. As an independent provider of these services and products to the offshore oil and gas industry, Promor specialises in creating and developing innovative solutions that facilitate the company’s detailed design engineering, component supply and world-class project coordination.  

Promor’s mooring systems are crucial to the company’s operations, as they provide a range of external, internal, cantilever and dis-connectable turret mooring solutions, as well as spread mooring solutions. Promor provides unique designs across its mooring solutions, with its external turret moorings having a standardised design for cost-effective solutions, minimal vessel modification, simple and rugged design, and self-lubricating and maintenance-free bearing systems. All of these features allow Promor to stay ahead of the game in its project facilitation to ensure that its external mooring facilities are well suited to the customer’s needs, whilst being made with Promor’s tested and reliable designs. Furthermore, to ensure that the mooring solutions are fitted to the client’s exact specifications, Promor works to ensure that every design is adaptable to any water depth and with a variety of mooring line configurations to ensure their designs work for the customer’s specifications. Similarly, Promor’s internal turret morning solutions provide the same adaptability of size and configuration to suit the client’s needs. However, these systems include Promor’s unique bearing system, whilst offering a simple and spacious layout. Both of these features work to improve loading distributions and provide a spacious and simple layout for improved access to the storage vessel. 

Furthermore, Promor offers a cantilever turret and dis-connectable mooring solutions. The cantilever turret provides the vessel with an open deck space for manifolds and equipment, dual bearing arrangements for improved capacity and chain stoppers mounted on self-aligning bearings to allow for more variable mooring patterns. Whereas the dis-connectable turret mooring is utilized where there is a requirement for the floating facility to be disconnected. This is pertinent in areas that are subject to extreme weather. Therefore, these kinds of mooring solutions are simple and rugged in design, using more standardised components which optimize the engineering of the vessel. Consequently, Promor’s design of dis-connected turret mooring allows it to be highly adaptable to suit any vessel and field configuration, as the adaptability reduces the time taken for connection and disconnection from the facility. Furthermore, this option allows the components to be field serviceable, with the ability to function test the main components in situ.  

Additional features allow for rider installation whilst the buoy is connected, a semi-automatic riser hook-up to minimise the need for manual intervention, no internal rotating components in the buoy, a single line recovery operation and an innovatively designed winch which improves the buoy recovering operation. Promor also offers a range of spread mooring solutions working closely with its clients to design the system layout, find the best place to moor the vessels, to work out the specific details of component selection, and develop vessel integration, whilst working on the design and supply of chain stoppers and tensioners. Therefore, in every solution provided by Promor they are ensuring that every aspect of the project is best suited to the client’s vessel needs.   

Throughout Promor’s designs we can see that ease of operation, functionality and reliability are the main concerns for the company throughout the design, coordination, and execution process. It continues to provide a range of FPSO and FSO solutions which are focused towards ensuring operations on these vessels can be as seamless as possible. Therefore, by choosing Promor, clients are choosing a company that has a proven track record of success, will provide innovative and adaptable solutions to meet the client’s specific needs and ensure that the throughout the project the Promor brand will get it done right.