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Terex Corporation: Global Manufacturing Solutions

As a global manufacturer of materials processing machinery and aerial work platforms, Terex Corporation leads the way in designing, building, and supporting the manufacturing of machinery across the energy, recycling, minerals, and material management industries. Terex strives to improve the lives of people across the globe, by providing industrial products which yield superior productivity and bring its customers substantial returns on their investments. Consequently, Terex has established itself as a leading manufacturer which is looking to improve the sustainability of manufacturing these types of machines for the future.  

Based in Connecticut in the United States of America, Terex leads the way in providing a range of aerial and materials processing machinery. With manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia; Terex’s operations span the globe and provide heavy-duty machinery solutions for its customer’s projects. The company believes in the values of integrity, respect, improvement, servant leadership, courage and citizenship to establish Terex not just as a leading brand for its equipment, but as a brand which puts its customers first. Terex believes that if these values are honoured throughout all its work, it can lead the industry and expand its operations through an increasingly expansive network of customers, suppliers, and investors. Since its beginning in 1933, the company has evolved through a range of strategic acquisitions towards the current company which has been diversified towards the publicly owned entity that it is, with major operations for aerial work platforms in Washington, and materials processing operations in Northern Ireland.  

Terex is home to a range of subdivision companies including leading brands such as Genie, Powerscreen, Evoquip and Finlay. Terex has paired with these businesses to provide them with the global network, sales opportunities, and service that the Terex name can provide, and in turn, these companies continue to expand the ever-growing umbrella of Terex’s operations. Through pairing with these companies, Terex offers a range of aerial work platforms, boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers, portable aerial work platforms, material lifts, aerial equipment, and digger derricks. However, these only briefly cover the expansive range of Terex machinery that the company manufactures and supplies.  

Many of Terex’s machines are being built for a more sustainable future as Terex has continued to develop its products to help customers reduce their environmental impact with the inductions of a range of electric and hybrid offerings. The products are designed by the Terex brand to ensure that they can deliver quiet, emission-free performance, which meets the growing demands for more sustainable options across a range of industries. They are also designing machinery to help to recover useful materials from various types of waste, to ensure that recycling is promoted throughout its machinery designs.  

We see Terex’s strive towards the future of sustainability through its partnership with Eriez – a manufacturer of metal separation, metal detection and material handling equipment in the processing industries. The two companies have introduced the TMS 320, a metal separator which works to recover metal from compost, biomass, incinerated bottom ash (IBA) and waste. The TMS 320 incorporates the RevX ST22 eddy current separators and rare earth drum magnet. The TMS 320 has a premium 22-pole neodymium rotor which spins at 3000 rpm, and the rotor, encased in an ultra-thin carbon fibre shell with a thin PVC belt, ensures that the intense field produced by the ST22 provides the most effective separation results possible. The machine offers a quick and easy set-up, with a variable drum magnet, and eddy current belt.  

The TMS 320 is fitted with a combined splitter system which offers accurate real-time judgment, enabling the operator to easily configure the machine to the specifications of its application. Furthermore, it is built with a modular design, so the machine can be separated, moved, and folded down to ensure it is easy to transport across projects. Therefore, the TMS 320 is leading the market for efficient metal separation and portability. Furthermore, the TMS 320 is electrically driven so contributes towards the sustainability goals of each company. The electrification of the system reduces operating costs, fuel usage, emission, and noise levels. Therefore, the machine created by the partnership boasts some great credentials that are working to benefit the globe through recycling facilities, whilst working within its design to ensure that it is made with the future in mind.  

Consequently, in a world that is moving ever more towards sustainability, Terex has made strives to improve the renewability of its designs. However, what makes a company such as Terex stand out is its commitment to providing efficient aerial and material processing machinery to its customers. We can see how its expansive network across the globe allows Terex to lead a multitude of sectors towards more efficient operations, whilst considering the environmental impacts. Overall, Terex is successful in its mission to improve the lives of people through the industrial products it offers for incredible productivity and investment return. This achievement can be traced back to Terex’s core values, that throughout its operations a deep desire to help with respect and support underpins everything it does.