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Medcorp Limited Group: 30 Years of Heath Investment

Founded on the principles of patient satisfaction and exceptional care, Medcorp Limited Group has spent the last 30 years leading the private health sector of Trinidad and Tobago towards a future of healthcare security. Providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art healthcare, Medcorp has established itself as one of the most respected medical services providers across the Caribbean region. As the largest private healthcare facility in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, it continues to provide the region’s population with access to highly trained doctors, first-class facilities, and a wide range of medical services. Coming into its 30th year of operation, Medcorp continues to strive to be the top private healthcare provider by bringing highly specialised doctors and physicians, well-trained medical and nursing staff, and the most advanced diagnostic technologies available together to ensure that it can offer unrivalled patient-focused care.  

Since 1993, Medcorp has been leading the way across the private healthcare sector of Trinidad and Tobago, providing a range of services from emergency care 24/7 accident and emergency departments to long-term treatment options on the tertiary level. Across the Medcorp hospitals, they also offer cardiac catheterization, cardiology services, dentistry, intensive care units (ICU), maternity services, nursing care, pharmacy, surgical services, radiology and imaging, dialysis, physiotherapy, doctors’ offices, endoscopy services, and international catheterization procedures. These services allow the region to develop exponentially as a core hub for health care, which is reiterated by Dr Kongshiek Achong Low, Chairman of Medcorp Limited, that “Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and by extension the world, share a culture of fusion, the integration of individually unique groups and identities that incorporate to make life easier, creative, and more productive. Similarly, so too is the culture at Medcorp; we are all individuals; however, collectively as Medcorp Limited, we stand together as a group and tell our story. Critical to our story is why we exist, what we believe in, and where we are going as a hospital and as a leader in this community of healthcare providers”.  Consequently, we can see that behind Medcorp is a real sense of personal touch to ensure that throughout every medical service, treatment, or appointment; the staff, nurses and doctors are working tirelessly to ensure that every patient is receiving the best treatment possible.  

Under Medcorp Limited are 4 hospitals which are working as part of the Medcorp team to provide premier healthcare facilities across the region. One of the hospitals under the Medcorp umbrella is St. Claire Medical which is the oldest private hospital institution in Trinidad and Tobago, which has a 24/7 accident and emergency department and the first fully equipped state-of-the-art ICU in the region’s private sector. The hospital has a 60-bed capacity and believes in the motto that “Life is Precious, Choose the Best”. With medical wards, maternity wards, a dialysis unit, 3 operating theatres, a radiology and imaging department, a catheterization lab, and a pharmacy; the hospital is on a mission to be the main provider of tertiary healthcare services in the Caribbean. Medcorp is ensuring it remains a leader in the sector by committing to friendly and efficient services throughout all its operations. The hospital is focused on ensuring that every patient feels heard, is given all the information they need to make informed choices about their medical conditions and receives top medical advice and treatment plans from leading medical professionals – all of which are delivered in accordance with international standards of quality and care. The hospital however continues to develop, and as new technologies, methods and ailments become apparent, the hospital will continue to adapt and develop to bring its patients the very best service guarantees.  

Medcorp established GoodHealth Medical Centre (GHMC) to provide medical services where “GoodHealth is wealth, invest in your health” is its central message. GHMC was established to provide a range of preventative care services in the form of Executive Health Assessments. These assessments check patients over for a variety of potential conditions but focus on the eyes, ears, lungs, heart, kidney, vascular system, and gastrointestinal tract. For Medcorp, a pillar of its role is to help with preventative and pro-active healthcare treatments and check to help patients to maintain good health. With all services facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of highly trained medicine consultants, general practitioners, nurses, phlebotomists, and admin staff; GHMC can provide excellent customer services through its same-day surgeries, 2 operating theatres and private consultancy service. Furthermore, it has an onsite medical lab, which is the only internationally accredited lab in the Caribbean.  

As part of Medcorp’s focus to be a leader for treatment options, they own the Brian Lara Cancer Treatment Centre of Trinidad and Tobago, which was established in 2007 to provide cancer patients with the best treatments with a team of experienced oncologists. Offering a range of advanced cancer therapies, diagnosis, staging, multidisciplinary team decision-making, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the treatment facility is able to offer to give its patients the best chance of beating cancer. The treatment facility is usefully located next to the National Stadium in Port-of-Spain and has two treatment bunkers which administer treatment, examination rooms, physics and treatment planning suites and a simulation imaging suit for accurate treatment planning. The Brian Lara Centre, which was named after a world record-holding cricketer from Trinidad and Tobago, leads the way across the region in providing crucial cancer treatments and examinations to ensure that the disease is treated to the best of their ability.  

The final hospital under Medcorp is its Doctor’s Radiology Centre, which is a premium outpatient facility for radiological investigations. The radiology centre has been in operation for over 30 years and is a stand-alone facility, now under Medcorp, which provides digital plain X-rays, fluoroscopic examinations, digital mammograms, bone densitometry and ultrasounds. The centre allows for x-rays to be carried out without the need for a pre-planned appointment and can help medical practitioners to better investigate ailments regarding the abdominal, pelvis, breast, skin lumps, thyroid, and legs. The Doctor’s Radiology Centre has introduced a new machine from Siemons, called The Digital Mammomat Inspiron, which is a top medical machine that has helped to keep the centre at the forefront of new technology by reducing wait time compared to traditional film x-ray imaging, and so ensures more scans can be conducted to reach a wider potential of patients in a more efficient way. Furthermore, the centre is home to the Hologic Discovery, a bone density scanner which combines the proven clinical value of Bone Mineral Density (BMD) measurements and vertebral fracture assessment, which looks for conditions such as osteoporosis. The Doctor’s Radiology Centre shows how technology, and its continual development, is crucial for placing Medcorp at the forefront of the medical services industry.  

We can see throughout Medcorps operations it is always concerned with ensuring that the patient is receiving the best treatment possible. They are continually developing and working to strive for greatness, from opening the first private sector 24/7 accident and emergency department in the country, which had only previously been available in the public sector, to today 4 hospitals under the Medcorp name. Therefore, on Medcorp’s 30th birthday, it is no surprise that they are leading the industry with excellent medical services and healthcare across Trinidad and Tobago. At the heart of Medcorp is a keen desire to help and provide a reliable solution to healthcare services, and this isn’t missed throughout the continuous development of healthcare across the region.