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Springbok Atlas Tours and Safari: Over 75 Years as African Safari Experts

For the last 77 years, Springbok Atlas has brought the wonder of Southern African landscapes, animals, and wildlife to travellers from across the globe. As a leader in the world of African tourism, Springbok delivers a variety of guided tours across South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, and Mozambique. The tours are vast and bring you close to the beauty that these countries have to offer. However, throughout their operations, their focus remains the same; to ensure their guest have fun and can explore knowing they are in the safe hands of Springbok.  

Based in South Africa, Springbok takes care of all aspects of African safari from the transport, accommodation, catering, and trip planning. With over 100 employees who are passionate about travel, including a dedicated team of travel experts who plan and organize the thousands of trips Springbok departs on every year, Springbok focuses on ensuring that its guests know they are in the safe hands of safari experts. The history of Springbok extends back to 1946 when Springbok was responsible for facilitating some of the earliest tour groups to South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Over the years, the tour company has developed into one of the largest and most renowned tour operators in Africa. Springbok does not believe in a mission statement but instead in ensuring that fairness, honesty, creativity, and positivity are ensured throughout their tour operations.  

Springbok facilitates a variety of tour options whether that be for solo tours, small groups, and large groups, across a variety of locations and countries in the southern part of the continent. These tours can be anywhere from a day trip to a 2-week exploration of places such as Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Mpumalanga, Victoria Falls, The Kruger National Park, and Fish Canyon River. Alternatively, for even longer trips they have pre-planned tours such as the Garden Route taking you across the coast of South Africa, the Classic Namibia tour, or even the Zimbabwe highlights tour – to name just a few. Whilst travelling across these picturesque landscapes you are accompanied by specialised tour guides who speak a multitude of languages to ensure every visitor gets to experience their tour and safari explorations with key insight from someone who cares and is knowledgeable about the land and its inhabitants. A crucial part of Springbok’s service, alongside providing a carefully planned schedule of experiences and sights, is the ensure that accommodation and catering is provided to a high quality. Therefore, to go on a trip with Springbok you know you are getting quality service 24/7 throughout your trip, with guides and travel experts on hand to help with every aspect.  

Springbok now also facilitates cruise excursions offered to passengers arriving at any of the Southern African ports. They offer groups of up to 14 people the chance to expand their cruise experience with top-quality services, which ensures that tourists are guaranteed to be returned to the ship before it leaves the port. This is yet another way that Springbok makes sure that its customers can travel without worry, as there are no queues or impersonal bus tours. Instead, their world-class team of travel experts facilitates every single tour excursion to bring you top-quality and personalised tours even for short cruise ship excursions.  

Springbok is now a division of Cullinan Holdings, an overarching top tourism and leisure group which works with a variety of companies across South Africa to facilitate coach charter, tour operations, retail services, travel agents and event planners. Employing roughly 120 staff in offices across Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, Cullinan Holdings works with Springbok to show tourists the beauty that Africa has to offer. For over 70 years, Springbok Atlas Charter, the transport division of Springbok, has been transporting millions of people across South Africa and Nambia with their own fleet of vehicles – an asset that many of its competitors do not have. Since Springbok become part of Cullinan Holdings, Springboks charter division is now under the Cullinan Transport Division. Both companies are committed to providing reliable and safe journeys that ensure their customers are receiving the best transport services. Collectively the companies have over 120 years of experience and are committed to continually upgrading their coach fleets and replacement programmes to ensure guest can enjoy their trips knowing their transport is sorted and facilitated by reputable high-quality drivers across its variety of transport options.  

Springbok Atlas plays a crucial role in the world of African tourism, as it works constantly to ensure that the industry is working towards improving and promoting the tourism infrastructure in southern Africa. Therefore, Springbok are a member of several tourism associations, to ensure the continued development of the region and its communities. However, Springbok is not only interested in providing high-quality tours for its customers, but, as part of its ethos, they are critically concerned with leaving a positive impact on the planet as its focus through the company is on the planet, its people, and the wildlife. Too often we see safari tours that damage the land that the tours are showing, and even worse often are causing great distress to these animals in their natural habitat. Consequently, one of the projects Springbok has set up is the Tread Right Foundation, which along with the Make Travel Matter® project, has already helped fund over 60 projects towards more conservation and more sustainable tourism. Therefore, when customers choose to tour with Springbok Atlas Tours and Safaris, they can have the added peace of mind that they are choosing a travel company which puts sustainability and conservation at the heart of everything they do.  

Overall, Springbok is leading the way across southern Africa’s Tourism sector, bringing tourists from across the globe to experience the beauty that this part of the world has to offer. You can’t help but notice that there is a clear personal touch throughout every aspect of Springbok’s operations. They believe in bringing you right into the beauty of the landscape, and its cultural and historical significance while showing the incredible wildlife that lives there. More than anything else, when you travel with Springbok you can travel with confidence that every aspect of your tour has been carefully planned out and will be facilitated by a company with a wealth of experience and passion for providing tours in this part of the world.