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Investors Trust: Expanding Across Asia

As an established provider of cross-border insurance-linked investment and saving solutions, Investors Trust has clients in more than 100 markets worldwide. These markets are served by a number of regional offices which are working to grow Investors Trust’s distribution network across the world to bring a modernised approach to investing. If you are a frequent reader of Endeavour Magazine, Investors Trust is a name you will be familiar with, and we again got the chance to catch up with the company to see how the business has grown. We spoke with David Knights, Head of Distribution for Asia at Investors Trust, and heard about the great work that is being done to expand the company’s Asia division, most notably with the opening of a new sales and distribution hub in Kuala Lumpur.  

Investors Trust is a global brand representing the ITA Group of companies, which comprises a number of international insurance companies and subsidiaries in multiple jurisdictions around the world. The overarching aim is to provide investors with access to a range of market-leading unit-link investment products. These products are provided to internationally mobile clients and higher-worth individuals around the world through a large number of independent financial advisers and wealth managers based in multiple locations around the world. Investors Trust has long seen Asia as a key market for investment solutions and consequently has been recently expanding its network across the region to establish Investors Trust as a growing and innovative player in Asia’s wealth management market.    

Investors Trust currently operates under an insurance company licence in Labuan, a premier offshore financial centre situated in the East of Malaysia which benefits from a well-regulated and tax-efficient regime through the Labuan International Banking and Financial Centre (IBFC). Labuan is at the heart of Asia Pacific and is well positioned to benefit from one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, which provides great opportunities for international companies to seek entry into Asia’s expanding markets. The Labuan IBFC boasts a wide range of business and investment structures which helps to support cross-border transactions, company negotiations, and wealth management requirements. Therefore, as Asia continues to be a core region for Investors Trust, it intends to continue expanding its operations across both new and existing markets there taking advantage of the region’s growing population of affluent and high-net-worth investors. 

As ITA products are distributed on an intermediated B2B basis, rather than via direct or agency sales, the team headed up by David Knights in Asia for the last 9 years is small with only 8 people but is made up of highly experienced people who have an extensive knowledge of international financial services which allows them to work closely with the company’s distribution partners to provide high-quality products based on an understanding of the needs of their clients. Consequently, Investors Trust allows investors to build a plan that works uniquely for them and believes that a ‘one product fit all’ concept is ineffective in providing top-quality financial services. David’s team is using their experience to help provide both local and international investors with solutions to suit a range of lifestyles, whilst generating wealth to reach each client’s personal financial goals.  

In 2012, Investors Trust obtained its license in Malaysia where it opened its first office in Kuala Lumpur to service business in the region. In 2023, they continue to demonstrate a strong commitment to the region with the opening of a new office in the prestigious Exchange 106 Tower in the new central business district of Tun Razak Exchange. This new sales and distribution hub will build on the company’s existing presence in Malaysia and enhance the support that Investors Trust can offer to its advisory and distribution partners in the regions. 

Overall, Investor Trust’s success across the Asia region is built upon the strong distribution relationships that the company has established over many years, as well as its firm commitment to continued innovation and development. David Knights believes that this is the company’s recipe for success which continues to serve Investors Trust well. The business aims to stay a step ahead of competitors with an established reputation for leading-edge technology using an end-to-end online platform which supports its clients at every stage of their journey. Investors Trust continues to invest in its operations to remain at the forefront of the cross-border financial services market which, when backed by the company’s experienced multinational team can continue to deliver high standards of service and innovative solutions to clients across the region.