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Macsteel South Africa: South African Steel Success

For over 116 years, Macsteel has been leading the steel industry across South Africa providing manufacturing, merchandising and distribution of steel and value-added steel products. Through its strategic network of service centres, branches and warehouses, Macsteel is leading the industry across the continent by providing its customers with exceptional levels of personal services and products across a whole range of industries. Therefore, through its robust infrastructure, technical development and striving to continually improve, the company has solidified its reputation as the pre-eminent supplier of steel across the African continent.  

As a leading manufacturer, merchandiser and distributor of steel, the company is leading the way in providing products such as general steel, coil processing, tube and pipe, roofing, special steels, stainless steel, VRN, fluid control pipes, fittings, and flanges, as well as a range of Harvey Roofing products. These products are available across a whole range of industries from construction, mining and manufacturing to food and beverage or consumer/retail industries. The company’s operations are vast and with this, the services that Macsteel provides are equally as expansive, to process, cut, treat, and deliver high-quality and reliable steel solutions for its customers’ every need.  

Macsteel has adapted its operations since it was established in 1904, now it is an expansive operation across South Africa and has become a household name due to its powerful brand and great reputation. It continues to promote success throughout the company by operating as a wider nationally run business, which instils matching strategies throughout all its 40 service centres, branches, and warehouses. By adopting an overhead structure, Macsteel can ensure that its operations remain customer focused. Macsteel is committed to adapting and innovating in line with its customer’s needs and demands, and as the world moves towards a more sustainable future, we can see throughout the company’s services and operations they are implementing and creating new solutions to meet these demands.  

One of the noticeable qualities of Macsteel is its desire to constantly be evolving to meet the growing steel needs of the customers and their respective industries, whilst paying close attention to developments towards a more sustainable future. A key way Macsteel have been doing this is through its divisional business, Harvey Roofing Products, which under the Macsteel Group name has recently announced the development of a new roofing title which will provide more sustainable and reliable roofing lightweight steel roofing products. The subdivision is known for using only the best materials available in its manufacturing to deliver products that are consistently high quality and suitable for a wide range of roofing applications including commercial, domestic, and industrial settings.  

The Harvey EcoTile™ was announced in July and has been developed to be a lightweight yet superior in strength roof title, which is easily installed and boasts top quality weatherproofing, whilst being lower in cost for roof structure and transportation. The tile reimagines roofing, which conventionally uses titles made of clay, cement, and steel profiles. The conventional tiles are known for their excessive weight, fragility, and high price point, whilst requiring continual maintenance. The conventional tiles are also not great for the environment either, whereas the EcoTIle™ is made of 98% recyclable waste material, provides excellent weatherproofing, and is virtually unbreakable with a significantly longer lifespan compared to other options.  

Mike Benfield, CEO of Macsteel, said in the press release on the Harvey EcoTile™ that “It is a very exciting product, not only for the market that is waiting in anticipation for it to drop in full force but also for Harvey Roofing products diversifying their well-known band. It de-risks us from the volatility of the steel price and moves our business to sustainability with the promise of new ground-breaking product”. Although the tiles are still being developed by Harvey Roofing Products under Macsteel, the EcoTile™ provides great potential for the future of sustainable roofing as the company works to revolutionize the market towards more efficient, cost-effective, and durable steel roofing solutions.  

Macsteel has a long history of supporting its local communities through sports development, donations to community organisations and NGOs, as well as a range of contributions towards other corporate sponsorships. The company is working to connect, nurture relationships, collaborate and impact the surrounding communities positively. Its central focus has been to develop the economies of its communities through education, building, health, wellness, engagement, and welfare projects to ensure that throughout every aspect of its operations, Macsteel is leaving a positive legacy of developmental success.   

We can see that throughout Macsteel’s operations, and even sub-divisions, the corporate social responsibility of the company is always at the forefront. CEO of Macsteel Mike Benfield outlined this focus as “Our new positioning statement is ‘Pursuing Reinvention’, this is very appropriate to both the steel industry and South Africa. We at Macsteel are very proud to be part of the transformation journey in South Africa and being a good corporate citizen”. He continues, “Our investments in our corporate social responsibility program is part of this journey of reinvention and transformation”. Benfield’s comments show how committed Macsteel are to promoting a future of sustainability whilst invigorating the regions that it operates within, to ensure they are playing an active role as a good corporate citizen.  

Overall, Macsteel is a massive company which is leading the way across the South African steel landscape to provide its customers with high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions suitable for a wide range of industries and vast uses. We can see their development across industries, and through their sub-divisions, that sustainability and working towards a wider community-supportive goal is paramount. The company’s long terms goals are looking to grow its market share and diversify its product portfolio, whilst bringing improved shareholder returns to establish itself as a singular constant supplier of steel. It plans to do this by establishing rich and beneficial relationships across the industry in Africa and towards its ever-increasing global network.