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Industrial Logistic Systems: Supply Solutions in South Africa

Throughout every industry, the logistical movement of goods between suppliers, manufacturers and customers is one of the most crucial aspects of every business. Therefore, the organisation of logistics is essential for making sure that the customer and supplier relationship is supported by a trusted and reliable supply chain across the industry. Therefore, businesses rely on companies such as Industrial Logistic Systems (ILS) to develop, implement and help facilitate seamless supply chains across all aspects of a company’s business operations. Consequently, ILS prides itself on being a locally and internationally recognised expert in the distribution centre and distribution operations design sector.  

ILS is primarily understood as a logistics and supply chain consulting firm that specialises in the design and development of warehousing and distribution facilities across all industries, seeing developments all the way from strategy to execution. With over 600 distribution facilities, the South African company provides award-winning and proven results through its design and development of supply chains, logistic facilities, and infrastructure to give customers a competitive edge in the strength of supply chain solutions. However, ILS’ role in customers’ supply chain does not end at the implementation of trusted logistical systems, instead, it acts as an extension of its client’s businesses as a specialist logistics department which is always looking for ways to improve the existing system to continue to benefit the customer for many years to come.  

ILS approach logistical operations by first evaluating a business’s operations and getting to know how the company works on a first-hand basis. This assessment makes a detailed data-driven analysis of the company and uses information related to sales, inventory, and business trends. Then, using projected growth and expected challenges to the businesses’ capacity, it can assess exactly the best system to implement to get the most out of the logistical development of the company. Once the capacity and strategy components are known, ILS then develops unique solutions to meet the specific requirements of each business. This personalised touch allows ILS to develop operational and materials handling systems and concepts to best suit your business. These include computer-aided designs (CAD) and 3D models, as well as assessing the budgeting requirements of each system. Once the designs are layout out and fine-tuned to a business’s needs, they then can be drawn up with detailed specifications for the building requirements.  

ILS focuses on every single detail of its designs down to floor slab thickness and recommended lighting levels to ensure the smooth running of logistical departments. The complete designs ILS provide are based entirely on each business’s specific operational needs, space and budget requirements. Then, once these plans have been completed ILS works to assist in the implementation of the project. This includes liaising tender and pricing enquiries for all required equipment, whilst also overseeing the purchasing of equipment and ensuring it all meets the project specifications.  

ILS’ central role in the project management and systems commissioning of logistical systems. Consequently, ILS take key responsibility for projects from conceptual design and strategic planning and sees them out into fully-fledged operations. However, as mentioned, once the projects are implemented and successful, customers continue to benefit from ILS’ logistics expertise throughout their operations to continue to develop logistics offerings to remain in line with the company’s development and logistical needs. By implementing industry-leading logistical systems, ILS enables its clients to meet a high standard of excellence among peers and competitors.  

One of the crucial parts of ILS’ operations is the implementation of world-class infrastructure from concept to actualisation. Its role takes both greenfield and brownfield sites from development and into functional buildings that facilitate the careful and productive movement of products through a streamlined and personalised system suited to each business. This is one of the crucial parts of ILS’s operations that you can really sense how the customer and helping them to develop their logistical operations towards a more productive but seamless future is the company’s main focus. ILS believes that “Your Success is a Measure of Our Success”, which exemplifies the exact sentiment that ILS provides for its customers.  

Every logistical system is planned out and executed as if it were its own business, to ensure that each customer is receiving top-quality logistical support from a company that has established itself across South Africa as a leading provider of logistical excellence. There is no doubt that when using ILS, businesses are receiving top-quality logistics systems which will continue to benefit them for many years to come. Therefore, it is through ILS that customers can be sure that their supply chains are protected, supported and developed towards a future of seamless logistical movement.