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Molycop: Innovating Across the Industry

Having built a strong reputation for its outstanding service, industry knowledge and trusted supply, Molycop has established itself as a market leader in the manufacturing and supply of grinding media, mining chemicals and rail consumables. Known for producing high-quality products with maximum durability, designed to resist wear and deliver exceptional performance to mining assets, Molycop serves a diverse range of businesses which are direct suppliers to mining companies and manufacturing suppliers in the mining industry. Having expanded its operations since 1917, Molycop today serves the increasing demand being generated by a diverse range of mining consumables products and associated services that will shape the future of the mining industry for generations to come.  

With 12 grinding media operations located strategically across the global mining industry, Molycop works across copper, gold, and iron ore sectors throughout Chile, Peru, Mexico, USA, Canada, Indonesia, Spain and Australia. The overarching company started in 1917, with The Commonwealth Steel Company (Comsteel), which established its original facility on the Waratah Site in Newcastle, Australia. On this site, Molycop first pioneered the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steelmaking with the installations marking the first EAF in the southern hemisphere. From here the company expanded from manufacturing parts for the rail industry, including wheels, axles, etc., to shells and other munitions during the Second World War. By 1960, Molycop had built its first grinding ball operation outside of the USA, in Chile with its owner Armco. It was from this point that the company began to grow exponentially, and saw it open grinding plants all across the globe over the next 40 years.   

Molycop has seen a range of different ownerships across its operation time, which have all worked to establish Molycop as a respected brand for industry-leading products made available through its unique international footprint. However, the company is now setting up for the future and plans to expand its current capacities to facilitate the growing demand being generated by a diverse range of mining operations worldwide. Therefore, Molycop is working towards facilitating the future of innovative mining consumables products and the associated services that will shape the mining industry toward improvement for many generations to come.  

Molycop provides SAG milling, with a product range which has been specifically designed to meet today’s high-impact SAG million environments. These products are built with innovation in mind throughout the manufacturing process and so the resulting products are built with high-impact resistance and superior wear. They also produce Ball and Rod milling, which is designed for maximum grind abrasion resistance using high carbon content and high hardness levels. Therefore, the Molycop Ball Milling range is manufactured to deliver its internationally recognised outstanding performance across the globe. Furthermore, Molycop manufactures and distributes a wide range of flotation chemicals and related auxiliary products that can be individually tailored to suit your requirements and maximise your recovery.  

In terms of service, Molycop provides top-notch technical experience, software, service, and support across its operations, to bring customers personalised services suitable for both start-up and established mining operations. Therefore, with Molycop they are determined to be a leading provider and manufacturer for its customer’s projects throughout their operations from beginning to well-established mining operations. Included in this is Molycop Tools, a software that incorporates a full set of digital simulators to help engineers characterize and evaluate the operating efficiency of any given grinding circuit following Molycop’s software standardized evaluation criteria.  

Furthermore, Molycop facilitates a range of Comsteel product ranges including forged and rolled railway wheels, forged railway axles and fully assembled wheelsets for all classes of the international rail and heavy haul industry. Finally, it also offers a range of Ball and Rod milling products included in its range of Cast High Chrome grinding media. These are suitable for a wide range of sizes and chrome levels that can be adjusted to fit the customer’s specific needs and particularly have been designed for fine and dry grinding applications which can perform in a wide range of milling environments and applications.  

Consequently, Molycop has established itself as one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of mining consumables and associated services worldwide. The thing that Molycop is most known for is its industry-leading standard, which is recognised across the industry for providing innovative products and services that work for you. This is why Molycop believes that innovation is in its DNA, as it continues to focus on the future and how its operations can be improved whilst maintaining a commitment to meeting a greater output never stops increasing. Part of this commitment to innovation was seen late last year with Molycop expanding its digital solutions and process optimization capabilities with the introduction of its Process IQ acquisition. The Process IQ technology is a leading mining technology provider of proprietary data analytics and visualisation, instrumentation, and advanced process control solutions. It marks an important step in Molycops digital transformation, to complement its existing MillSlicer technology platform and expands its product and service capabilities across leaching, milling (comminution) and flotation.  

Process IQ has a reputation for being a trusted technology partner of metallurgists and miner processing engineers. It has specialised in bringing technology to its full potential for its mineral processing customers, by combining specialist instrumentation with advanced process control, data analytics and visualisation. Therefore, Molycop with Process IQ helps to build solutions that deliver step-change improvements for its customers, and so has established a strong market presence and reputation for delivering top-quality differentiated technology offerings focused on improving customer throughput, recovery, and efficiency.  

Overall, Molycop is a global company that is seeking to develop the manufacturing and supply of grinding media, mining chemicals and rail consumables using innovative design and forward-thinking technology to lead the industry towards continuous expansive success. By manufacturing and supplying products with a reputation for durability, Molycop products are a favourite across the industry, as they are designed throughout their manufacturing for continued deliverance of high-quality results. Therefore, Molycop provides valuable assurance of high-quality mining consumables accompanied by on-time, flexible supply, and personalised technical support to lead the industry towards a future of continued success.