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Palram Industries Limited: 60 Years of Manufacturing Success

Leading the way across the international manufacturing industry, Palram Industries Ltd. has established itself as a leading producer of semi-finished polycarbonate and PVC solutions. With applications across a range of industries, Palram has spent the last 60 years expanding its operations across all aspects of the industry to see its products and service markets across the globe.  

Established in Israel in 1963, Palram is an industry leader and multinational conglomerate that provides a vast array of polycarbonate and PVC applications across a range of market segments. Palram’s operations span international audiences through its nine production sites and dozens of worldwide sales and distribution offices, which together provide its customers across the globe with unrivalled support throughout every aspect of their polycarbonate and PVC solution needs. Palram’s portfolio is vast offering a large range of products across the DIY, construction, architectural projects, advertising, agricultural glazing, and fabrication industries. Palram offers a wide range of PVC, polycarbonate, and acrylic sheets, as well as a range of panel systems solutions suitable for every need from manufacturers to professionals and even to “do-it-yourself” individuals.  

Solutions provided by Palram include PVC and polycarbonate windows and wall claddings, skylights for commercial buildings, warehouses, greenhouses, impact-resistant and bulletproof material for security forces banks, industrial machinery, hygienic wall claddings, as well as outdoor and indoor signage. Therefore, Palram’s product offerings are vast, but this is because the company is committed to ensuring that every customer’s unique needs are constantly met and exceeded. Therefore, in choosing Palram, you can be sure you are choosing a company that fosters innovations throughout its manufacturing and solution facilitations as it continues to deliver excellence across the global marketplace whilst through its offices, providing professional support and service to its customers on a local and regional level.  

Products under Palram include corrugated sheets, flat sheets, multiwall sheets, and panel systems, as well as a range of ready-to-assemble solutions for outdoor structures – including greenhouses, carports, patio covers, door awnings, garden sheds and chalets. Furthermore, Palram provides a range of commercial and residential solutions that exemplify their vast product line. Commercial uses are seen throughout construction and architecture, agriculture, signs and displays, safety and security, industrial fabrication as well as home and outdoor living purposes. However, what is crucial about every single one of Palram’s solutions, products or services is that innovations are a key driving force, especially in terms of technology.  

Consequently, Palram is committed to always being at the forefront of technology. Palram is aware of the challenges that come with manufacturing and often needs fast or adjustable solutions to meet a range of circumstances that each project’s environment might subject to installation and longevity of products. Therefore, through Palram’s implementation of technology throughout its operations, it can identify customers’ needs and communicate with them to come up with the most effective and affordable solutions for its clients. These technologies include Palram Metal Match PC Profile Technology™ which provides fast, economical custom-matching for any metal corrugations. Palram also has SolarSmart™ which controls the light transmittance, indoor heat, and radiation of its products, as well as HYG Technology™ which is used as an active antimicrobial protection across its applications. Additionally, a crucial technology for Palram is Palram BioBase™ which is part of the company’s sustainability initiative to produce plastics that are derived from renewable resources. All of these solutions are often used in large-scale projects that require unique solutions to address the specific needs of every project’s design requirement, engineering constraints, as well as logistical issues. Therefore, we can see that throughout Palram’s service offers and manufacturing options, they have produced a range of products and services that are designed to ensure customer satisfaction and show the leading role that Palram plays across the polycarbonate and PVC industry.  

Furthermore, a crucial step of Palram’s operations is working towards a more sustainable future. As a manufacturer of plastic-based solutions, Palram has been working to find solutions that develop both the company and the industry towards a greener, cleaner world for future generations. Therefore, Palram is a committed member of VinylPlus, a voluntary sustainable development program that is part of the European PVC industry. Members of this program guarantee that its products are recyclable and maintain a green production process. Additionally, it ensures that all PVC products are produced using regrind vinyl, all in an effort towards a path of carbon-plastic neutrality across the industry.  

It is working to reduce waste through closed-loop manufacturing, as the production of its plastic sheet plants operate with an internal recycling process where scraps and ground-up and repurposed plastics are reused. Therefore, its manufacturing process produces less than 1% waste, and recycles more than 13,000 tons of polycarbonate and PVC every year. Additionally, it produces climate-friendly thermoplastic sheets – which are constructed by replacing fossil fuel-based materials with bio-based feedstock which moves the company’s whole manufacturing process towards a greener future. The production process of durable end-products on recycled materials contributes to the efficient use of resources and increases the material value in a world that is constantly looking for new ways to be more sustainable.  

In a further movement towards sustainability across the industry, Palram has continued to produce innovative materials including thermoplastic sheets to become more climate-friendly, whilst also implementing energy-efficient daylight building products that comply with green building regulations. Consequently, as part of its commitment to environmental and energy sustainability, Palram ensures that it complies with international standards and regulations across the entire company. Overall, by contributing toward facilitating more sustainable practices and solutions for buildings on a global scale using sustainable resources, it plays a crucial role in the construction of energy-efficient buildings which are building the future for sustainability within the construction industry.  

Palram is such a giant company that is exemplifying how focusing on sustainability whilst providing essential solutions to meet its customer’s need is possible, especially as the demand for polycarbonate and PVC use across industries is increasing. Therefore, the company serves as a crucial single resource for polycarbonate, PVC and acrylic sheets in all their forms across the industry, which has only expanded over the last 60 years to place them as a key player across vast industries from its humble beginnings in Israel. Consequently, Palram Industries Ltd. now leads the way in providing innovative PVC and polycarbonate solutions that are made to stand the test of time by a manufacturer that seeks to find a perfect solution to every customer’s need.