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Sol Guyana Incorporated: Investing in Guyana’s Future

As part of the Sol Group, which is a leading supplier of petroleum-based products and energy solutions across the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America, Sol Guyana Incorporated is focused on bringing key investment and development to the downstream energy and petroleum markets across Guyana. The Sol Group, which is a member of the Parkland Family, operates across 23 territories with a united workforce of engineers, technicians, customer service representatives, and solution-based innovators who are dedicated to fuelling the Caribbean basin. Therefore, Sol Guyana is expanding the overarching company’s network across the region with a specific focus on developing Guyana’s fuel and energy sector.  

The Sol Group provides petroleum and energy solutions to its wide range of commercial customers involved in shipping, luxury boating, aviation, mining, trucking, and fleet operations. It also provides petroleum directly to the individual for fuelling their cars. It is the largest petroleum company serving the region with a key focus on offering quality and convenience with its products and services, whilst being passionate about supporting community activities and events across the region every year. Consequently, Sol Guyana, a division of The Sol Group, has established itself as a responsible partner for the people of Guyana providing a range of fuel services.  

Sol Guyana provides the country with a range of services including retail fuels, lubricants, liquified petroleum gas (LPG), convenience retailing, marine services, and bitumen services. As announced in February 2023, Sol Guyana plans to invest US$13.8 million in local projects in 2022, including the commissioning of a new jetty facility at Rome on the East Bank of the Demerara. The project is a milestone project and investment for the region which exemplifies the development agenda that Sol Guyana is undertaking across the country in conjunction with Guyana’s government. General manager of Sol Guyana, Earl Carribon said in the press release announcing the jetty that “the future of Guyana is indeed bright, and Sol remains committed to being a dependable and responsible partner to the people of Guyana as we have been over the years”. This investment into the jetty comes as part of a US$50 million over the next 5 years, which is hoping to develop the region towards a more sustainable future.  

Furthermore, Sol Guyana opened a US$2.8 million service station facility at Mandela Avenue earlier this year in February, which comes from investments from the Guyana government. The project is facilitated by Sol who is the Shell licensee of the Sol Guyana division. The facility will provide petrol to customers, as well as allow them to purchase items such as lubricants and Sol Gas cylinders on the forecourt. Additionally, the station will have a range of convenience products which can be purchased from the Sol shop. It marks one in a series of developments that Sol Guyana are implementing across the country, with the end goal of growing the trajectory of Guyana’s petroleum industry.  

The project faced a few challenges after it began construction in 2022 due to weather and material shortage complications, however, Sol Guyana still impressively delivered the completion of the project in February 2023. The investments from the government exemplify the role that Sol Guyana is playing in developing not only the industry but also the development of Guyana’s infrastructure for the benefit of its citizens as a priority. Consequently, the project represents a key objective of the overarching Sol Group, to develop and expand the fuel and energy industry markets however its focus is on ensuring that all developments are first and foremost for the benefit of its citizens.   

Consequently, Sol Group’s role in the community is crucial. The Sol Group, as by consequence Sol Guyana, are passionate about supporting the Caribbean and the communities in which it operates, and so is involved in various community-focused projects and activities. These activities range from relatively small school projects and local environment groups to large-scale regional community initiatives and major sporting events. The Group has focused most of these initiatives on education, environmental preservation, sport, and community development.  

A key example of this is Sol Guyana’s partnership with the Guyana Technical Institute (GTI) to enhance the educational opportunities available to students in GTI’s Motor Vehicle Engine Systems programme. The sponsorship from Sol Guyana will span three years, as announced in September 2022, to invest in the education of Guyana’s youth. The programme provides students with the opportunity to power their journey and equip them with key skills to achieve high-level jobs in the future. Ultimately, Sol Guyana has been supporting Guyana’s education sector and the wider Caribbean for students at all levels over the past few years as part of its overall goal to develop communities towards a future of sustainable development in every aspect from fuel to education.  

Overall, Sol Guyana has developed a sustainable economic journey across Guyana which is being led by its natural resources. The company plays a vital role in the power and fuel development of Guyana through its facilitation of oil and gas. However, Sol Guyana operates across a whole range of sectors outside of the gas industry to bring the people of Guyana support and investment to develop the country and its economic development towards global recognition. Therefore, as part of The Sol Group, Sol Guyana is achieving its mission to be a partner of choice for its customers, suppliers, and the people of Guyana through its focus on safety, integrity, community, and respect in every aspect of its operations.