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Massy Wood Group Ltd.: Global Consulting and Engineering Solutions

Providing a range of brownfield and greenfield services to its clients, Massy Would Group Ltd. is a leading consultation and engineering solution provider across the energy and built environment sectors. Massy Groups is a joint venture company owned by the Energy division of the overarching company Massy Holdings Ltd. With solutions across the oil and gas, petrochemical, LNG, infrastructure, utilities, and clean energy sectors, it has strategically positioned itself to be the first-choice partner to deliver integrated and sustainable energy solutions across the Caribbean.  

Incorporated in 2003, Massy Wood initially began as a 50/50 joint venture between Neal and Massy, and the international energy services company Wood Group, working together under the name NM Wood Group. However, over the last 20 years, the venture has broadened and undergone several amendments to its legal name, whilst achieving several significant milestones which established Massy Wood Group Ltd. in 2014. The development and resilience of the company over the last 20 years, represents the continued investment and success of the company which is now a leading global facilitator across the energy sector.  

Massy Wood is focused on using creativity to secure a more sustainable and secure energy future. Therefore, it works with its customers to drive for continued improvement across the energy secure to reduce risks, minimise costs and improve the overall performance and integrity of its client’s assets. The company focuses on providing expertise solutions in engineering, procurement, construction, fabric maintenance services, warehousing, and logistics. Massy Wood is therefore able to deliver an integrated suite of services to support its clients across the complete life cycle of their assets from conceptual design to decommissioning. It takes pride in the safety and execution of its projects, which is working to continually improve its strategies to maximise the profitability of its client’s assets.  

However, Massy Wood is also concerned with providing consulting solutions and support as part of its role in the global energy sector network. As a facilitator of services and as a consultant it holds a unique perspective that understands both sides of the investment cycle, so can use its expertise to deliver high-quality consultancy services across the design and development, expansion, and upgrading of new and existing assets. Furthermore, they also provide a range of core and specialist services for operations in asset divestment and acquisition. As part of this work, Massy Wood provides environment, clean energy, concept, pre-feed studies, commissioning, asset integrity management, digital solutions, subsea, automation and decarbonisation solutions – to name just a few!  

Therefore, its value-added approach to delivery, with the rich heritage of its joint venture companies, has established Massy Wood as a respected global presence in industrial markets. Consequently, in 2022 Massy Wood highlighted 6 projects which it has been working on to move the energy sector across the Caribbean towards a more integrated and sustainable future. Across the Clifton Hill coastline, Massy Wood is working for BP Trinidad and Tobago to reinforce coastlines by installing 165 metres of rock armour revetment. The coastal protection is aimed to protect the existing NGC, ALNG and PPGP2 pipelines, whilst also preventing shoreline failure along Clifton Hill. The upgrade will improve the site’s conditions and protect BP’s existing pipelines and is expected to span 14 months.  

Furthermore, Massy Wood has been engaged by BP Trinidad and Tobago to provide Define Engineering services to the Nitrogen (N2) Generator Installation project on its Mango Offshore Facility. The project is set to span 5 months, providing a variety of services including the FEED engineering of electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, process, structural, etc. These projects with BP Trinidad and Tobago exemplify how Massy Wood has established itself as a leading facilitator of energy solutions across the Caribbean’s energy sector by working with key energy providers in the region.  

Additionally, as part of Massy Wood’s work to continually improve its operations and the services it can provide, it has been training its construction departments in Agile methodologies, which has adopted tools such as ADO Boards and Spirit Planning – all to effectively manage construction readiness across its workforce. Consequently, Massy Wood has shown over the last year its dedication to promoting the energy sector towards global stability, by implementing and facilitating reliable and sustainable energy solutions across the Caribbean region, whilst employing a range of consultancy services to develop Massy Wood’s reach across the global energy sector.  

Overall, Massy Wood is a leading global provider of construction, engineering and consulting services across the energy and built environment industry. The company is always striving for success, providing crucial knowledge across all aspects of the industry, and working with its customers to see projects all the way from its conceptual design to end commissioning. Therefore, Massy Wood is continuing to transform lives by implementing value across the industry and its customers’ assets, by prioritising safety, people, quality, ethics and its passion for energy development.