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Liebherr-Africa Pty Limited: Leading Technical Experts

The Liebherr Group is one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world, which, since 1949, has continued to offer its customers across the world high-quality and user-oriented products and services. As the family-owned company has developed into a vast international network, it plays a critical role across many industries as a pioneer for technical development which is set to reshape the future. The company began its major global expansion in the late 1950s and now comprises over 140 companies across every continent. Therefore, divisions of the company such as Liebherr-Africa Pty Ltd. are working to bring German-engineered machinery, products, and services to the African continent as it continues to extend the overarching company’s reach across the world. 


Liebherr-Africa was founded in 1958 in South Africa, in the city of Springs as one of the first expansions of the Liebherr company outside of Germany. The first location in South Africa was established to bridge the expensive transport routes from Europe to Africa, as it allowed Liebherr machinery to be supplied on the continent to neighbouring countries rather than shipping them across from Europe. It began with responsibilities surrounding the manufacturing and sales of tower cranes, specialised cranes, and concrete mixers. However, today, Liebherr-Africa plays a vital role in selling and supporting the company’s construction equipment and working across mining and material handlining industries to provide them with equipment from the Liebherr Group.  

Liebherr-Africa is headquartered in Springs, Gauteng, and has 5 branches across the country in Cape Town, Durban, Richards Bay, Brits, and Middleburg, as well as various agencies, depots, and mine sites across other regions of the country and its neighbouring states. Consequently, for the last 65 years, this division of Liebherr-Africa has been serving the needs of the local construction, civil engineering, and mining industries, and now the brand is fully equipped to provide local backup services and spare parts for Liebherr machinery and equipment across the country. Furthermore, this range of extended support is immediately available from the Springs head office.  

Liebherr-African provides high-quality German-engineered products backed by the Liebherr Group to provide the best possible standard of equipment for South Africa. The division manufactures and supplies a range of earth-moving, construction and port equipment. It even developed its offerings further in 2015, by introducing domestic appliances to its South African division.  This continued commitment to development exemplifies the global role that the Liebherr Group plays in developing global industries through innovation and an uncompromising commitment to quality. This commitment is carried out to ensure that its customers benefit from top-quality Liebherr products across all product areas.  

As an acknowledged supplier of products and services in numerous fields, Liebherr-Africa brings direct links with various operations overseas. Offering service and support for mining and earth moving equipment, mobile and crawler cranes, construction cranes, mixing technology and port equipment. However, a key role of Liebherr-Africa is through its service workshops which are structured to respond quickly and effectively through its fully qualified staff and trained technical specialists. Therefore, using Liebherr-Africa’s service, you can be sure you are receiving a wealth of experience, more reliability, and the maximum availability of machines, which means higher production, and reduced operation and maintenance costs. These services work to supply immediate spare parts, on-site repairs, and even major overhauls of machinery through its workshops to ensure that all Liebherr products can be maintained under the Liebherr Group. The African sub-division also uses its workshops to remanufacture parts and even has a painting plant to ensure that all products sold and purchased from Liebherr are kept running with a longstanding commitment by Liebherr to keep their machinery operational through easy access to remanufacturing and maintenance of parts and services.  

Liebherr Africa’s Spare Parts Warehouse operates 24 hours a day providing a stand-by service to ensure there is immediate availability of spare parts. The round-the-clock service ensures that delivery of parts can be rapidly facilitated, whilst using modern storage and material handling techniques to keep its operations running smoothly. Consequently, Liebherr-African is able to ship spare parts efficiently, timely and reliably to both local and international markets. Furthermore, through its workshops, Liebherr-African provides a wide range of services and activities. The major workshop facilities of the division are located at its head office in Springs and provide Liebherr-Africa with the flexibility and capacity to undertake a range of inspections, servicing, rebuilds, repairs and pre-delivery activities. As part of the workshops it also provides welding facilities through the welding shops which seek to repair and remanufacture buckets and other components to maintain the functionality of customers’ Liebherr products.  

The final major function of Liebherr-Africa is its Remanufacturing Centre. The centre provides high-quality products which meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards at a reduced cost. Consequently, these OEM products are available at a significantly reduced price to reduce waste and keep perfectly functional equipment working. The repair and rebuilding services under the Remanufacturing Centre include a washing bay, cylinder section, gearbox section, pumps, motor sections, and an engine section. These sections allow Liebherr-Africa to work on all ranges of its machinery across all industry activities, therefore along with its machine shop area, Liebherr-Africa continues to maintain the functionality of Liebherr products so you can be sure that when you are buying from Liebherr you are receiving a continual service of excellence to make every machine or piece of equipment have a much longer life span through the regular service or maintenance of parts under the Liebherr-Africa division.  

Ultimately, as we can see Liebherr-Africa has worked over the last 65 years to be a leading division under the global Liebherr Group that is providing crucial links between Europe and the African continent with its top-quality machinery and equipment. With development into domestic home goods and its continued commitment to servicing the company’s machinery, Liebherr-Africa has adopted the pioneering spirit of its overarching company. Liebherr Group has more than 50,00 employees globally who work together to play a decisive role in shaping the technological progress in numerous industries which are already shifting to meet the growing demands of customers as they face new struggles in their own industries. Consequently, it is this spirit that can be clearly seen in Liebherr-Africa which shows the company’s goal to continue to provide excellent service and continue the expansive and fundamental role that Liebherr products play across numerous industries on a global scale. Therefore, as Liebherr-African continues to expand we see the global group’s expansive network develop, to continue to lead the sector as one of the biggest construction equipment manufacturers on an international scale.