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Motisun Group: Diverse Manufacturing for Africa

As a privately owned diversified business conglomerate, Motisun Group provides a range of manufacturing services and options across Africa. It is hard to find an industry that the Motisun Group’s span does not cover, as it has manufacturing operations in things such as building materials, steel, roofing, cement, plastics, pipes, paints etc. However, its span also reaches into real estate, logistics, food, beverage, and hospitality sectors. Consequently, its vast reach across the world reaches southern, central, and eastern Africa, with strategically located manufacturing facilities in Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, and Uganda.  

Motisun Group began in 1994, founded by Subhash Motibhai Patel, with a strict focus on producing quality products that, through the implementation of new technology, would be the first of their kind to enter the Tanzanian market. Having expanded its manufacturing facilities since this pioneering start, Motisun Group continues to improve its quality and invest in the latest technology to now be one of the fastest-growing and expansive business groups in Africa. Under the Motisun Group there are various manufacturing companies which are working cohesively to provide essential materials, and consequently is now one of Tanzania and Africa’s emerging conglomerate groups.   

One of the largest companies operating under Motisun Group is MM Integrated Steel Mills Limited, which is a rapidly expanding multinational and leading manufacturer of cold rolling sheets, structural steel products, as well as galvanized and alzinc roofing sheets. MM Integrated Steel’s primary factory is in Tanzania and has an aluzinc coating capability which has taken more of a key place in the industry over recent years. Consequently, the brand has become a preferred choice for many across Africa, as its products are sold through a nationwide network of dealers and distributors under the brand of Kiboko.  

Furthermore, MM Integrated Steel continues its dedication to conducting business in a professional and ethical manner, by creating and maintaining a positive environment that supports cooperative relationships between employees and stakeholders, as well as implementing the strongest of safety standards, as the company works to consistently provide products which are designed with innovation in mind. Thus, with operations across 4 countries, the company employs a large majority of its workforce from local communities and has given over 500 jobs to locals either directly or indirectly which subsequently positively impacted the economy. Therefore, through its MM Integrated Steel Mills Company, Motisun Group is a valuable contributor towards boosting the regional economy.  

Within the steel division of its operations, and under the Kiboko brand, the Motisun Group produces roofing sheets which are used across commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. These sheets are manufactured in a variety of ways including corrugated, inverted box rib, and bull-nose profiles which are available in both bare and pre-painted formats. As the company moved towards further modernisation in 2001-2002, the Motisun Group introduced alternative aluminium zinc-coated roofing sheet options. This introduction was part of a long-term strategic movement by the company to broaden its product offerings to expand its potential reach across the region and contribute to the worldwide shift towards roofing of this time. Therefore, we can see that even very early on in the company’s life, innovation and working towards the growing demands for future-proofed solutions were always met with pioneering innovation at its very foundation.  

Another key division of the Motisun Group is in its 50:50 venture, named Maganga Matitu Resource Development Limited (MMRDL), which is between MM Steel Resources Public Limited Company and the National Development Corporation of Tanzania. The venture was signed in 2009, with the aim of developing the iron ore mines at Maganga Matitu and the coal mines in Katewaka. Included in the development of the mining industry for the Motisun Group in the establishment of a 300,000 tonne per annum (tpa) capacity integrated steel plant in the Ludewa district in the south of Tanzania.  

Consequently, as it seeks to continue its development across its coal and iron ore mining sites, it hopes to establish them as a standalone profitable mining and processing operation. Looking towards the future, it is seeking to expand its operations due to its current possession of prospecting rights in Maganga covering an area of 20 square kilometres (sq. km). The venture hopes to start production of sponge iron soon to feed domestic mills and provide crucial exports for the country once the project attains its rated capacity under its planned expansion programme. Sponge iron requires both iron and coal as primary raw materials, and so hope to use its titaniferous magnetite deposits at Maganga Matitu and coal from Ketewaka for this.  

The Motisun Group also has key ventures in plastics, paints, beverages, processed food, real estate, cables, and construction. These all show the vast range of industries that the Motisun Group is capable of tackling through its expansive networks. An interesting section of Motisun Group’s operations is in the Hotel and Resorts sector. This may at first seem like a jump from mining, roofing, and steel manufacturing, but with two decades of experience behind the company in the hospitality sector, the group has a range of hotels, resorts, and service suits across the eastern part of Africa. It has four hotels, resorts and service suites in Tanzania and Zanzibar, including the Hotel White Sands the Beach Resort, the Sea Cliff Court and Residence, the Sea Cliff Resort and Spa, and the Sea Cliff Hotel – a five-star hotel located in Dar es Salaam. These hotels, spas and resorts highlight the role that it is playing in the tourism and leisure industry, which it is hoping to continue to expand. Consequently, the Group has a range of upcoming hotels and projects in the world-famous Ngorongoro Conservation area, and coastal city of Mtwara, Pearlsun Hotels.   

Overall, the grasp that the Motisun Group has across Africa, and critically in Tanzania, highlights the vital role the company plays in facilitating a range of manufacturing processes to develop the region both locally and internationally towards a profitable future. A key feature of its work is innovation, which seeks to bring the very best solutions to a range of industries. Consequently, for its commitment to standards which see its staff, customers, suppliers, stakeholders, and local communities supported. It continues to promote an exceptional customer experience across all its various business and manufacturing operations with superior product, quality, service, and value as its top priorities.