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Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited: Flying Above with SAESL

Beginning operations in 2001, Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited (SAESL) is a joint venture company between Rolls-Royce Plc and SIA Engineering Company which has established itself as a market leader in the engine overall and component repairs services industry. Having continued to expand its growth across the sectors, SAESL has developed its facilities and subsequent capability to “keep airlines flying to connect your world”.  

With a mission to deliver engines safely, cost-effectively, and reliably on time for its customers, SAESL has an expansive Engine Overhaul business with the capabilities to service all products in the Trent engine family. SAESL has a state-of-the-art Engine Test Facility, which provides top-quality services to every client all with its best-in-class engine turnaround times.  

SAESL’s Engine Overhaul services support all levels of work, with its core services focusing on maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of engines, engine modules and components. This service includes the disassembly of engines, LLP exchange, parts and accessory repairs, documentation, modifications, engine assembly, engine testing, engineering support and a web-based status reporting service. These services focus on a culture of improvement which sees SAESL always looking for ways to optimize its service offerings for the customer. These innovative services include a flexible engine strip and build process which ensures that both gantry and traditional methods to achieve a fast turn-around. Therefore, SAESL continues to invest in innovation and technology to remain at the forefront of the MRO industry.  

As a joint venture with Rolls Royce, the SAESL is responsible for servicing and repairing the whole family of high-bypass turbo Trent engines. Trent engines use a three-spool design which makes them more complex but provides the engines with a lightweight, shorter, and more rigid core which suffers less performance degradation compared to its traditional two-shaft design counterparts. The main advantage of the three-spool design is that it can be turned on by its own turbine to rotate at its optimal speed, where the two compressors are then driven by the other two turbines.  

Furthermore, SAESL can service the entire current range of the Rolls-Royce engine family, including the Trent 500 which is the only engine that can power the increased range of Airbus A340-500, and the A340-600. Additionally, it can fully service the Trent 700 used in all versional of the Airbus A330, the Trent 800 used in Boeing 777-200, -200ER and -500 planes, the Trent 900 which is the first engine to power the double-decker Airbus A380, and the Trent 1000 Boeing 787 Dreamliner. SAESL is also responsible for servicing the Trent XWB which is the sole-source engine of the A350-XWB. Therefore, as we can see from SAESL’s expansive servicing to the Trent range of engines which are used throughout the airline industry, SAESL is a vital key player in maintaining the smooth running of the aerospace industry for its clients.  

A key part of SAESL’s operations is in its Engine Testing Facility which tests engines up to 140 inches in diameter and 150k pounds of thrust. This facility provides SAESL with the capability to test all engines in Trent’s current range, as well as maintain a capacity for any future engines. Testing includes a full performance test, vibration survey, investigative troubleshooting, and a full inhibition and preparation for shipment. Therefore, SAESL is one of the largest MRO and engine test facilities which has grown exponentially to become an integral part of Singapore’s aerospace ecosystem supporting its customers across six continents.  

In working in such a diverse and expansive industry as the aerospace one, SAESL excels by focusing on its operations to ensure quality and safety are always a top priority. For this, it has established a Quality and Safety Management System which ensures that its customers’ needs are fully met whilst focusing on complying with all regulatory and legal requirements involved in both the testing and overhaul divisions of its business operations. A testimony of SAESL’s quality assurance is highlighted through the many aviation authorities for which SAESL has achieved airworthiness accreditations. The accreditations and approvals SAESL have achieved highlight the integrity of its engine work and components so customers can be sure that in such an industry when quality and safety are paramount – SAESL is the company of choice for all engine maintenance, repairs and overhaul services.   

With SAESL you know you are getting top-quality MRO and testing facilities which focus on bringing innovation to enhance the aerospace industry in Singapore. SAESL’s vision to be the best across the industry is exemplified in their slogan “Servicing the Best by the Best”. This encapsulates SAESL’s vision to be the most admired engine MRO servicing provider, which is increasingly becoming a highly valued player in the aero engine MRO ecosystem of Singapore. Therefore, SAESL is establishing Singapore as a key hub in both the industrial and global MRO industries. Ultimately, through safety, innovation, respect, teamwork, integrity, and communication; SAESL is the chosen company for all MRO and servicing needs across local and global markets for Singapore.