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The Beauty of Travelling in the UK: Unveiling the Charm of Our Country

The United Kingdom is a spectacular place to both live and holiday. From the wilds of the Scottish Highlands to the bustling nightlife of London, there is something for every preference and personality.

Lodge stays are a great way to experience the beauty of the land, as well as being in close proximity to towns and cities.

Scenic landscapes and historic sites

Every corner of the UK has something special to offer when it comes to the landscape. Cornwall has beaches which can be mistaken for Caribbean retreats in the summer which make them a sun-seeker’s paradise. If you love a bit of drama and ruggedness, then the Cairngorms are the place for you. With plenty of hiking trails and breathtaking views, you will want to keep going back.

If historical sites are an essential feature of your holiday then you should book a trip to Warwick to visit the castle. Built in 1068 originally, this castle is a wonderful example of showcasing history throughout the ages.

Intimate lodge retreats

If you are looking for accommodation that is away from hotels, then look into lodge stays. These are great for a cosy, self-sufficient stay which means you can spend every second making memories with your family and relaxing.

Lodges allow you to connect with nature and start your day with the melodic sound of bird songs. Located across the country, they are close to everything you need whilst feeling remote and secluded. You never know, you might love it enough to start looking at lodges for sale so you can always have a slice of relaxation.

Culinary delights and local flavours

The culinary scene is varied right across the UK and it is all delicious. Whilst chain restaurants are nice, you can often have a better experience by visiting local establishments. They will often have local delicacies which are rooted in the history of the area.

If you find yourself in Wales and in need of a sweet treat, then head to Dylan’s. With four locations across Wales, they do the best crempogs that you simply have to try. Although crempogs are traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday, they are delicious all year round.

Cultural and artsy cities

Bath is a cultural hub and well worth visiting. Famous for the Roman baths, this city will keep you intrigued for the entirety of your stay. Readers and horror-lovers alike should visit Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein which takes you through her unconventional life, including her creation of the legendary monster in Bath.

Edinburgh is also a city that captures the hearts of many. The Fringe Festival is a highlight of the summer and showcases the best comedic and art talent that the UK has to offer. Remember to book your tickets in advance as they tend to sell out quickly.