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Kamloops Exploration Group: Investing in Mining Education

Mining in Canada is a vast and significant industry which contributes significantly towards the country’s economy. Consequently, the mining industry is one of the largest employers across Canada, which today has developed to be a leading mining hub on an international scale. However, with the continued development of this industry due to the rich mineral, metal, and petroleum deposits across the country, there have been ever-increasing concerns over the sustainability of such finite resources, and the impact of the industry on its local environments. Therefore, Kamloops Exploration Group (KEG) are leading the way to protect and promote the interests of the mining and prospecting of minerals, metals and petroleum across the country whilst implementing investments in education towards the continuous sustainability of such a sector.  

Led by an elected board of 9 volunteer members, KEG is a registered non-profit society which promotes and supports the interests of the mining industry. Situated in the westernmost district of British Columbia, KEG focuses primarily on how education and knowledge are cornerstones for overcoming the challenges and adversities that are faced on a daily basis across the mining industry. It believes that if it can provide education and allow the industry to learn how to overcome such difficulties the mining industry can remain a protected and sustainable development for years to come.  

A crucial way that KEG provides education and networking in the industry is through its annual KEG Conference and Trade Show. The first inaugural KEG Conference took place 36 years ago and was led by a small group of dedicated individuals who were passionate about providing a necessary platform to discuss the industry and create space for positive networking opportunities. Today the conference has vastly expanded and sees numerous individuals and businesses across the industry come together to provide key information sharing. The upcoming conference is set to take place next year in April between the 9th and 10th at the Coast Kamloops Hotel and Conference Centre. The conference will provide key players across the industry a platform for networking perfect for connecting prospectors, geologists, suppliers, manufacturers, and outreach across Canada’s mining sector.  

The conferences also allow KEG to generate profits which it reinvests back into its educational programs, along with efforts from the board and KEG memberships. Over the last decade, KEG has been able to deliver a very well-regarded outreach program due to this funding, and currently invests $35,000 per year, along with countless volunteer hours, to deliver educational activities. These activities include a public lecture series which since 2003 has delivered a range of lectures to promote the interests of mining, earth sciences and mineral exploration. The lectures were made virtual in 2021, allowing even greater accessibility to education across the mining industry. The lectures can also be tailored to age groups, making education on these topics accessible to everyone.   

In addition to its public lecture series, KEG also has Ask-A-Geologist, Geocaching, School Visits, Adopt a Geologist, Support for School Trips, Junior and Senior Delegate programs, Kamloops GEO Tours, Scholarships, Grants to other organisations, Introductory Prospective Courses, Liaison with other organisation and educational display events and programs to continue to develop and provide education across the industry for the benefit of the next generation of mining.  

Therefore, KEG brings significant change through education and networking to develop the industry towards even greater success and build an even stronger future for Canada’s diverse mining industry. KEG plays a significant role in upholding the country’s supportive regulatory environment which includes agreements between mining companies, indigenous communities and governments to ensure that the mining industry is working to develop the economy, industry and local communities towards a future of success and sustainability.  

Overall, KEG’s significant focus on education and networking has vastly benefitted the mining industry of Canada and continues to be a model of what shared knowledge can bring the industry on an international scale. KEG is working to establish the next generation of mining that is responsible and overcomes current challenges of the sector whilst protecting the local communities in which it operates. Through these values, combined with honouring the values of the mined mineral reserves, KEG is leading the way in providing education that truly promotes and protects the interest of the mining and prospecting of minerals, metals, and petroleum industries.