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MovieTowne: Excelling in Entertainment

Starting as a dream of providing quality family entertainment for the people of Trinidad and Tobago, Chairman Derek A Chin and his fellow co-founders have now brought the cinema experience nationwide through the privately owned cinema chain MovieTowne. The multiplex chain has revolutionized the cinema and entertainment industry of Trinidad and Tobago and is now known as the premier cinema and entertainment complex across the Caribbean.  

Opened in 2002, the first MovieTowne location is a state-of-the-art multi-screen cineplex which has elevated the tastes and expectations of people across the region. The MovieTowne brand has now expanded across three locations, with 2 in Trinidad and 1 in Tobago. The three multiplex cinemas collectively have 22 screens which celebrate all that cinema has to offer through their elaborately themed décor, latest 2D and 3D technology, Dolby Digital surround sound, and comfortable stadium-style seating amphitheatres. The cinemas boast international cinema standards, whilst also promoting comfort and family fun through its top-quality cinema experiences.  

The flagship MovieTowne location is in Port of Spain and promises something for everyone as a one-stop destination for quality entertainment. The MovieTowne complex was designed to be a popular hotspot for dining, shopping, entertainment, and a place to enjoy time with family and friends. In this mission, MovieTowne is successful, as the complex is known for being a multi-faceted complex facility which is home to many amenities and attractions great for family entertainment. Therefore, MovieTown continues to lead the way in the entertainment arena as its foundation is built on a desire to never cease developing new and spectacular offerings to give the best possible entertainment offerings to its citizens every day.  

At the heart of every development by MovieTown is a real desire to bring the highest standard of entertainment to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Derek Chin outlines this as “My vision has always been to bring the highest standard of an international movie-going experience to Trinibagonians and to open their eyes and imaginations to fun, healthy family entertainment. After three years of constant research and determination – and with the support of my investors and directors, we preserved and overcame all obstacles. Finally, my dream of MovieTowne became a reality in November 2002”. Consequently, we can see that there is a real passion behind MovieTowne and all its franchises that constantly want to improve and develop their operations to be the most popular entertainment hubs across the Caribbean.  

Significant developments came when MovieTowne expanded its operations outside of Trinidad and Tobago, opening a MovieTown location in Guyana. The three founders behind MovieTowne, Derek Chin, Winfield Scott and Pierpont Scott all have strong ties to Guyana so developments here were an obvious choice. The company opened a MovieTowne franchise in Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, located near the popular Sea Wall and The University of Guyana in 2016. The complex is located on 10 acres of land and offers an array of attractions and leisure amenities for families and entertainment seekers alike.   

As MovieTowne moves towards the future, Derek Chin is looking to his next venture which is set to bring ‘Streets of the World’ to Trinidad and Tobago. Currently, there are more than 11 acres of prime real estate near the existing MovieTowne flagship complex in Port of Spain, which Chin is looking to transform into the region’s latest entertainment experience called ‘Streets of the World’. This experience will feature iconic themes from each of the major countries which catalysed the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. These include influences from East India to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia, and so all these will be represented and celebrated in eight connecting streets. In this way, Chin is moving away from solely cinema experiences and looking at the future of entertainment for Trinidad and Tobago.  

Streets of the World will portray a carnival street with a modern carnival museum, as an avenue will be dedicated to showcasing the colourful inspiration, music, art, and designs which are a key part of everyday Trinidad and Tobago culture. Along with the streets, will be a modern housing development with views to the water and the city. As part of this massive development, a local theatre will be installed to attract and promote local artists for locals and tourists alike. To aid with the increase in tourism the marine, cruise ship dock, and a local water transport hub are envisioned. The programme is hoped that soon it will bring masses of international travellers and citizens across Trinidad and Tobago to walk the Streets of the World development.  

Overall, we can see that MovieTowne is a company that truly loves to bring the joy of cinema and entertainment to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. Started as just a dream by the Chairman, the company has massively expanded to offer a range of cinema experiences, leisure activities and business ventures which are hoping to bring top-quality leisure time to the Caribbean. We look forward to seeing how the MoveTowne enterprise continues to expand across the tourism and leisure market, and as it continues to bring top films from around the world into its ever-expanding cinema chains.