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Sol Melons: Empowering Communities

Behind Sol Melons is a firm commitment to going above and beyond for its customers to deliver melons which are ripe, fresh, and tasty. This commitment stems largely from the family behind the company that has overseen its operations for generations, bringing the people of North America delicious fruits whilst empowering local communities through its operations. It is Sol Melons’ mission to grow America’s love for melons whilst simultaneously developing the local regions. Therefore, the company continues to develop its practices to bring you fresh produce directly from seed to your table.  

Founded in 1984, Sol Melons began following the family coming together with a shared dream of producing the highest-quality cantaloupes, honeydews, and watermelons for export to the North American market. Since its origins, Sol has uniquely owned and operated its farms which has always given complete visibility and control over the complete growing and distribution process. Consequently, as the company continued to expand it began growing in Guatemala adding to their current farming land which by 2004 stood at 17,000 acres. A key development came in 2007 when the company joined the Fyffes Family, and so Sol Melons’ operations expanded to be the number one supplier of melons for the whole of North America by 2009. Today, Sol Melons continues to be known for its dedication and passionate approach towards melons, and its central commitment which ensures that every melon is always of exceptional quality.   

Sol Melons offers a range of melon varieties including cantaloupes, royal cantaloupes, honeydew melons, honey dude melons, seedless watermelons, mini watermelons and SOLito watermelons. Then, along with the addition of Fyffes, the companies now also offer Gold Pineapples. All produce is harvested at the perfect time to ensure optimal flavour, perfect ripeness, and sweetness so they are always ready to eat when you receive them. This focus on the quality across a variety of melons and other produce ensures that the Sol Melons brand stands exclusively for great fruit from seed to table.  

Throughout the agricultural industry, sustainability must always be a top priority, and this is just the case with Sol Melons. The company has deep roots in Honduras and Guatemala and is focused on enriching the lives of its communities whilst also protecting the environment. Consequently, Sol Melons has continued to develop initiatives which are making crucial changes across its growing lands and local communities. These initiatives have included providing clean drinking water to families located around the Sol Melons’ farms, and the donations of water barrels to aid locals with irrigation systems. Sol Melons’ initiatives are essential because they provide crucial irrigation facilities for families who are fully dependent on crops for both income and food.  

In addition to drinking water and irrigation facilities, Sol Melons is a key employer to locals throughout its range of farms. By providing extensive employment throughout its operations, Sol Melons helps its communities to economically thrive. Furthermore, Sol Melons provides the opportunity for local families to take part in the sowing and production of corn to help families sustain a living during the off-season. At present, this initiative has provided a source of income to more than 200 families across the surrounding areas of its farms. The investment of Sol Melons in the future of these growing regions stems from its central focus to develop and give back to the communities that make the Sol Farms successful.  

Whilst in-season, Sol Melon also provides its employees with an onsite doctor, comfortable break facilities which include a lounge and kitchen areas, and transportation to and from communities to farms. All of these ensure that every employee feels comfortable, supported, and has access to the farms to earn a living which brings both personal and local development. A crucial step in empowerment is through investing in youth education. Sol Melons is investing in education for children in its local rural communities. This includes providing healthy school snacks, and the refurbishment and the installation of playgrounds and learning facilities. Additionally, Sol Melons provides scholarships, medical care via school visits, and even partnerships with agronomic universities to provide a ‘hands-on’ learning approach to the agriculture industry. These investments in education signify Sol Melons’ commitment to developing local communities through employment, health care and education for the continuous economic development of the region.  

Overall, when you buy from Sol Melons the family-run spirit can always be felt, so you can be sure that by choosing to produce from the Sol Melons farms you are also investing in the development of local communities and spurring education for the next generation. One thing that can’t be ignored is that Sol Melons truly exemplifies a passion for a product and for its people, as on its mission to grow America’s love for melons – I think it just might have achieved it!