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Caribbean Cinemas: Crafting Cinema Experiences

Caribbean Cinemas has spent the last 20 years as a leading cinema chain across the Caribbean, offering a plethora of top international film titles from around the world via its top-of-the-line cinema locations. With roughly 30 theatres and over 260 screens across the company, Caribbean Cinemas delivers top-quality cinema experiences to over 10 million viewers annually.

When you step inside a Caribbean Cinema location you are met with top-quality theatres offering a range of cinema experiences showing some of the most loved film titles from across the world. These titles currently include films such as Barbie, Wonka, Anyone But You and La Pecera. The wide range of titles brings the people of the Caribbean international hits as well as more regional film options ensuring that whether you’re a local or visiting there is always a great film ready for you to watch. Having opened in 2004, the company has spent the last 20 years expanding across the Caribbean bringing top-quality cinema experiences to its expansive range of locations and cafes which have in turn continually developed the Caribbean tourism and entertainment sector.

Caribbean Cinemas believe in creating quality cinema experiences with every visit; therefore, every theatre has been designed with top-quality projectors, audio, and comfortable seating. In May 2023, the company conducted a key redevelopment of the Las Piedras Theatre to add premium auditoriums to the cinema location. These integrated three new concepts into the cinema experience; a CXC auditorium, a 4D auditorium and 2 VIP auditoriums, and added to the ever-growing offerings of the Caribbean Cinema chain. This was the first time that the company had ventured into implementing VIP rooms within the traditional cinema setting to provide an all-around top-quality experience with great dining options included. However, the majority of Caribbean Cinemas’ theatres have been designed with stadium-style seating to provide greater space between rows so that every customer can watch in complete comfort and with an unobstructed view.

Caribbean Cinemas works with stakeholders across the digital cinema solutions landscape to deliver top-quality technology and software to ensure every customer gets to experience the same reliably high-quality audio and visual experience the Caribbean Cinema’s name has come to represent. These systems are backed by performance, security, and reliability to ensure a great experience every time. A crucial stakeholder in this is GDC Technology Limited, which is a leading global digital cinema solutions provider that has installed many digital cinema servers and theatre management systems in the Asia-Pacific region. The company is one of the largest globally and through its comprehensive suite of digital cinema products and services, it provides a comprehensive suite of digital cinema products and services. Therefore, GDC Technology Limited works closely with Caribbean Cinemas to supply a one-stop solution for all of its digital cinema needs.

In addition to top-quality screen and audio systems, Caribbean Cinemas also offer a range of food and restaurant offerings with varied menus to best suit your cinema needs. Across all locations, you can be sure to find concession stands, luxury-feeling lobbies and a range of LED screens displaying upcoming and current film showings. Furthermore, should you have time before screening some of the locations offer game rooms and birthday party rooms that are perfect for passing time before your film begins or to make the cinema experience a fun group event. For this, the Caribbean Cinema chains offer birthday and corporate event options. The key development at Las Piedras which includes many of these facilities and so has been designed to bring a fun entertainment experience with a range of cinema formats, food and drink options, and titles to suit the whole family.

However, as part of Caribbean Cinemas’ growing sphere across the Caribbean, the company announced at the end of 2023 that it had partnered with students to give them vital access to the film industry. This partnership is with Sacred Heart University (Sagrado) which will enable its students to gain professional experience in the various aspects of film and entertainment, as well as about the company’s development to enhance the student’s professional growth. As part of the partnership, students will showcase productions from Sagrado’s Ferré Rangel School of Communication’s Audiovisual and Film Production program by offering them the opportunity to present their own work on the big screen.

The first of these exhibitions was held at Caribbean Cinemas Fine Arts Cinema Café in Miramar, which showed a compilation of the best student projects from the partnership program at the end of each academic semester. Films included music videos, commercials, and documentaries with many focusing on community, justice, and peace. Furthermore, the partnership plans to host a competition among students where the winning production will be shown in selected Caribbean Cinema theatres in Puerto Rico in the coming months. President of Caribbean Cinemas, Robert Carrady, comments on this partnership that “Film is an industry with great potential for growth in Puerto Rico, and this collaboration will provide important avenues of development for our future filmmakers and industry professionals”.

Overall, at Caribbean Cinemas you can be sure you are going to have a great film-watching experience. With theatres and services to cater for everyone from small kids to corporate events, the cinema chain continues to provide top-quality cinema experiences to people across the Caribbean. We look forward to seeing how the company continues to expand its reach across the Caribbean as it expands and develops its location to provide even more great cinema experiences.