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Carnival Corporation & PLC: Cruising With The Best

Providing travellers from around the world with life-changing vacations, Carnival Corporation and PLC is one of the largest cruise line groups in the world. With huge brands such as Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Seabourn, P+O Cruises (Australia and UK), Costa Cruises, AIDA Cruises, and Cunard under the corporation’s umbrella, the company offers a wide variety of cruise options to suit any customer. Therefore, it is no surprise that every year nearly 13 million customers cruise with Carnival Corporation.   

The corporation began operation in 1972 with just one second-hand ship, called the Mardi Gras, set on making a single trip from Miami to San Juan. The ship featured many innovative elements along with a thematic ambience that established the level of high-quality travel experience that many of the corporations’ brands focus on today. The success of this first initial voyage highlights the pioneering spirit and passion for travel which forms the basis of the corporation’s daily operations today.  

Since the company was first founded, it has spent the last 50 years acquiring key cruise liners from across the world and now has representation in almost every market segment in the cruise industry. In 2004, Carnival Corporation combined with P+O Princess Cruises which created one of the first global cruise operators encompassing 12 highly recognisable brands. At the time this was one of the largest leisure travel companies in the world, which began to establish the corporation’s reputation as a leading cruise line provider.  

With the continued acquisition of brands, the company now has 9 reputable and giant cruise line providers from across the globe under its umbrella. However, with all of these key cruise line brands, Carnival Corporation remains firm that each one keeps its own defined brand identity. This brand autonomy is what the company attributes a large amount of its success to because each one can focus its individual sales, marketing and reservation offers to specifically cater to its audience and geographical reach. This focus on brand autonomy is why the corporation is now a global leader in the cruise industry. Looking towards the future, Carnival Corporation aims to continue to innovate its fleets and deliver memorable vacations and borderless connections across the globe.  

Throughout every single cruise operation under Carnival Corporation, the ports in which the vessels stop at are essential to keeping the industry running. Cruise ships under Carnival Corporation stop at over 700 ports around the world, where they receive vital reserves and maintenance via a range of ship-to-shore services. These include refuelling, handling, essential supplies replenishment, and facilitating excursions/security checks- to name just a few.  

The vital role ports play in keeping all cruise lines under Carnival Corporation running smoothly cannot be understated. Therefore, the company has partnered and established agreements with a range of ports and port authorities across the globe. A significant existing agreement is with The Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the busiest cruise ports in the Canary Islands, which is visited by AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises, Cunard, Holland America Lines, Princess Cruises, Seabourn and P+O Cruises UK under the Carnival Corporation umbrella alone. Therefore, Carnival Corporation maintains strong ties to the port authority and its port services as it continues to be a vital stop for many of its cruise ships and so allows the company to continue to offer great holiday excursions in the Canary Islands.  

Under Carnival Corporation is its own Carnival Cruise Line which is the leading provider of year-round cruises to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Mexico from America, with seasonal cruises to Canada, New England, Alaska, Hawaii, Bermuda, and Europe. Carnival Cruise Line is a leader in contemporary cruising focusing its 23-ship fleet on providing fun and memorable vacation experiences designed for all the family at a great price. With over 180 rooms with 11 different categories of suite options, you are sure to find a restful night’s sleep to suit your vacation needs and price point. Its vessel line includes the Mardi Gras, which was introduced in 2021 and is the first cruise ship in North America to be powered by liquified natural gas (LNG). This ship represents the gradual move by Carnival Corporation towards a more sustainable future for the leisure and tourism industry.  

A key cruise line under Carnival Corporation is Princess Cruises which began operations in 1965. The company is now a world-leading international cruise liner and tour company with a fleet of 15 modern cruise ships. Travelling to 330 destinations around the globe including the Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Hawaii, Asia, Canada, New England, Antarctica, and world cruises. This expansive offering includes over 170 different itineraries with options ranging from 3 to 11-day trips. Each ship is designed with the culture, colours, and flavours in mind of the countries the voyage will be visiting to provide its customers with an immersive quality experience.  

The Holland America Line has been in operation for over 145 years and today under Carnival Corporation has 10 spacious, mid-sized ships visiting more than 425 ports of call across over 100 countries around the world on all 7 continents. The ships are known for their immersive culinary experiences and extensive wine selections along with highly acclaimed brand partnerships across the ship’s entertainment. In recent news, Holland America Line’s cruise offers will be extended to 11 countries between September 2025 and April 2026, with a strong focus on Japan where it will visit 24 different ports. The development will offer visits to Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, and will further expand Carnival Corporation’s offerings across the globe. 

The luxury brand behind Carnival Corporation is Seabourn which is known as a luxury resort at sea. Seabourn has only 3 vessels in its fleet, however, the reduced passenger size ensures an intuitive personalised service for every guest. It is the youngest company in the luxury segment of the cruise industry but prides itself on having an industry-leading crew which are known for its experience and excellence in expedition travel. Customers on board the Seabourn vessel can make the most of spacious all-suite accommodations with oceanfront views, and experience award-winning gourmet dining and premium food and drink every night. The ships travel to every continent on the globe, making more than 400 port visits to top cities as well as off-the-beaten-track gems which are handpicked by its expert travel itinerary teams, across Europe, Asia, the South Pacific Island, Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and Antarctica.  

Costa Cruise Lines represents Europe’s leading cruise liner under the Carnival Corporation which visits more than 260 ports worldwide. The 12 contemporary ships across its fleet are deployed throughout the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, Brazil, Argentina, the Arabian Gulf, and the Indian Ocean. Trips with Costa Cruise lines cover anywhere between 7 to 20-day trips, with exotic sailing trips from 20-30 days. The company is also the leading cruise line in China and also has a world voyage itinerary option. Throughout Costa Cruise Line’s voyages pampering on board and top voyage destinations has made them a leading cruise liner for many across Europe to experience the finest of what the continent has to offer. In 2019, Cost Cruise Lines added the Costa Smeralda to its fleet which is the first vessel to use LNG both at port and at sea. This again highlights the innovative approach that is fostered across Carnival Corporation’s sphere to make the cruising industry more sustainable.  

A final vital cruise line operator under Carnival Cruises is P+O Cruises. Under the Carnival Corporation is P+O Cruises UK and Australia. P+O Cruises UK is Britain’s cruise liner of choice. The brand is known for discovery, choice and relaxation offering every visitor a restful stay catered to British tastes. The ships are great for all the family with activities for kids, as well as adults-only lounges. P+O Cruises UK offers voyages to 200 destinations worldwide with 2-to-3-month options. In recent years, P+O Cruise UK added the Arvia vessel which is focused on the future of ship travel. The ship is the latest innovation for P+O and is designed to focus on the newest trends in travel, dining, and entertainment. Offering contemporary holidays, the Arvia has a SkyDome, 16 guest decks, the first altitude skywalk at sea experience, as well as a plethora of food and dining experiences.  

Overall, Carnival Corporation and Plc is such a vast cruise line company which continues to expand its offerings to bring once-in-a-lifetime holiday offerings to customers all over the globe. The company remains focused on the vital role that the individual brands under its umbrella play in diversifying the tourism industry and innovating holiday options to suit every customer’s needs. However, Carnival Corporation is also highly focused on respecting and maintaining the relationships the company has with ports across the world as they help to keep cruise lines running smoothly. Furthermore, we have seen that many of the companies under Carnival Corporation are starting to shift towards using LNG to fuel their vessels, which is hoping to move the tourism and leisure industry towards a more sustainable future. However, one thing is for sure, no matter which brand you travel with under Carnival Corporation, you are sure to have the adventure of a lifetime supported by teams of people passionate about travel.