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    When you think of the Asia-Pacific region, you would probably imagine beautiful beaches and forests, alongside amazing wildlife and marine animals. Although this is most certainly true from a tourism point of view, in a business mindset, all these specialised resources make it the perfect place for technological and industrial growth. Consequently, across Asia and the Pacific region, what can be witnessed is the rapid increase in new technology, globalisation, and market-orientated reform. This points towards vast innovation and enhancement of industry. Thus, here at Endeavour, we have been very lucky to witness how such companies have drastically grown, as business advancements have swept across the vast region. This is also helped by the growing demands of a rapidly increasing population. This means that the Asia-Pacific region can afford a greater workforce and economic advancement.

    It is for this reason that the Asia-Pacific region deserves its own specific publication. Within this issue, you will find out about brand new innovations in engineering, sailing and biscuits! Thus, we will not only discover the business behind the lavish and decadent Asian skylines but how such companies face the challenges of the ever-modernising world.