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Titan Cloud Software: Seamless Software Solutions

As a well-respected industry leader, Titan Cloud today works with some of the largest names across the retail petroleum industry and commercial fleet market. This extensive network, which spans roughly 50% of all U.S. consumer gasoline companies, enables Titan to provide its customers with reliable data and analytics that can help manage risk and fuel profit. Consequently, with an industry-leading Fuel Asset Optimization software platform, Titan Cloud Software provides its customers with the tools to effectively manage a range of operations, including environmental compliance risk, reducing maintenance costs, and increasing revenue.

Founded in 2021, Titan Cloud connects people, equipment, and facilities to maximise operational efficiency and minimise the environmental impact of the petroleum industry via fuelling facilities. Titan Cloud achieves this through its industry-leading software solutions which focus on environmental compliance, advanced fuel analytics and facility management. These solutions mean that its customers can effectively manage risk and run efficient, profitable businesses.

Titan Cloud’s software interacts with tanks, dispensers, sensors, and other devices to provide its customers with a comprehensive and bespoke service to effectively monitor their fuelling operations. These systems are designed to work with fuel equipment across all major manufacturers to deliver flexible solutions and premium services to help grow fuelling businesses. One of the key perks of the Titan Cloud software is that it is an all-in-one system that gives clear feedback on operations directly to its customers via Titan Cloud’s secure system.

In convenience store settings Titan Cloud provides a seamless software platform which allows companies to track and monitor everything from the forecourt to the back-office operations. In addition, one of the main focuses of Titan Cloud is its environmental compliance checking software. This helps owners, operators, and regulators streamline the compliance process, cut down on fines, and maintain an efficient system of compliance.

Using intelligent fuel monitoring and insight data systems, Titan Cloud works to make every drop of fuel count. Titan Cloud does this to boost the profits of owners and operators by providing them with round-the-clock access to gauge data for improved flow rates and reduced downtime. These are all essential for fuel at convenience store businesses to ensure that they remain profitable and efficient in delivering refuelling services to customers. In addition, the systems set up by Titan Cloud allow clients to manage vendors, technicians, and work orders remotely more easily. The remote nature means that operations can be tracked for their status to continually streamline the work order of its clients.

Another significant section of Titan Cloud’s operations is to improve the software of fleets. Today, Titan Cloud is the industry’s leading software provider for fleets, which works to simplify environmental compliance for its customers. Titan Cloud works throughout fleets across the world to make fuel delivery accurate every single time. The company’s systems work to provide visibility into the tank inventory of fleets to provide vital data in real-time. These systems help customers to streamline their fleets, maximise uptime and minimise loss of fuel, as customers can use Titan Cloud’s systems to implement work order flows and help customers follow up with vendors automatically. Consequently, Titan Cloud’s systems are so widely trusted that its fleet software is used in the top 3 car rental fleets in the United States.

For service providers, Titan Cloud provides a built suite of tools and applications that help companies work smarter. A key aspect of this is to provide a comprehensive system where all documents, files and spreadsheets can be accessed in one secure location. Its Advanced Facility Inspection tool allows Titan Cloud customers to digitize all paper files for better efficiency for data inspections. The system then digitally can transpose inspection results onto state forms when required. In addition, customers can set up alarms which allow Titan Cloud to connect directly to equipment and get visibility into their alarms. This allows for remote troubleshooting and gives the customer clear insights into the issues and how to fix them. This comprehensive service allows Titan Cloud to remain the partner of choice for its customers as they can gain a much more in-depth view of their equipment and get important data, tracking and e-filling systems to make the whole fuelling process much more seamless.

As we have seen, Titan Cloud is such a vast company that is working to greatly improve the retail petroleum industry through its key Fuel Asset Optimization software platform. However, just last September they acquired Leighton O’Brien, a global fuel analytics software and field technologies provider, which continues to expand Titan Cloud, and solidifies its place as a global leader in the downstream fuel software market. The acquisition hopes to bring the two company’s expertise in environmental compliance site maintenance and fuel management solutions together to expand the global company’s footprint to 6 continents and 43 countries. Furthermore, the acquisition adds 20,000 sites to its fuel monitoring capabilities which means it can provide a faster return on investment and a more streamlined experience to its 85,000+ gasoline solutions worldwide.

CEO and Chief Product Officer of Titan Cloud, David Freese commented in a press release on the acquisition that “Titan Cloud is committed to connecting people, equipment and facilities to maximise operational efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of every fuelling facility on the planet. With this acquisition, we will accelerate our global growth, extend our product portfolio, and expedite our Fuel Asset Optimization roadmap”. He continues, “Customers will benefit from the industry’s best and most complete Fuel Asset Optimization Platform for operational scale, performance and ROI”. Freese’s comments highlight the expansive role that Titan Cloud continues to play, and this acquisition is just another step in providing the best Fuel Asset Optimization Platform for its customers.

This was echoed by the CEO of Leighton O’Brien, Chris Cooper, “We’re excited to unlock the next stage of growth by leveraging our complementary strengths to deliver the best solutions on the market – creating more value for our customers and opportunities for our employees”. Cooper will join Titan Cloud as the President of International to lead global expansion serving fuel retailers, fleet operators and service providers across both established and emerging markets. Cooper continues, in the press release that “Titan’s deep product portfolio, robust platform and financial backing, combined with our global footprint, rich wetstock IP, and decades of experience, strengthens our collective position and provide the operating scale needed to serve our growing international customer base”.

Overall, Titan Cloud provides an expansive Fuel Asset Optimization software platform which is designed to make the whole petroleum retail industry seamless. Its crucial software allows its customers to stay connected throughout its operations from its forecourts, head offices and throughout its fuel fleets. The company’s secure and reliable data software allows the company to lead the software industry across this sector with a reputation for expertise and efficiency throughout all of its systems. This is why with key acquisitions, such as Leighton O’Brien we look forward to seeing how Titan Cloud continues to expand its role across international markets as it continues to provide its customers with leading software solutions.