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El Sol Brands: Quality At Every Step

Whilst striving to provide high-quality tropical produce to fine food suppliers across the East of the United States and Canada, El Sol Brands Inc. has established itself as a key player in the agriculture and retail industry and a company that prioritises quality throughout every aspect of its operations. On a mission to be the premier supplier of tropical roots and produce, the company strives to always provide the highest level of quality across its products, services, and relationships to foster a crucial sense of value in every aspect of its operations.

El Sol Brands began its operations over 20 years ago and has spent the last two decades working to make high-quality and accessible tropical produce readily available across the US. Working across all aspects of produce from planting and fertilising, all the way to packaging and distribution to suppliers across the country. The company works with suppliers to accurately market and provide retail training to bring the same passion for produce that began the company all those years ago.

As El Sol Brands expanded, it began to notice the increasing demand for tropical produce from Latin, Caribbean and Asian customers across the country. Therefore, El Sol Brands shifted its operations significantly towards producing premium-grade tropical produce to meet the growing demands of the population over the last 10 years. Consequently, El Sol Brands is now one of the largest exporters and importers in the tropical produce business and now provides some of the most popular produce from Costa Rica, Brazil, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico to its customers. With a dedicated team of professionals behind the company, El Sol Brands continues to expand its offerings as it brings its passion for produce to suppliers and customers across the region.

For El Sol Brands, maintaining a high level of quality is what separates them from competitors in the market. The company wants customers to feel confident that when they choose products from El Sol Brands or with the El Sol Brands logo, they are investing in produce which has been carefully developed from seed to end product by a team of people who are passionate about making tropical produce exceptional and readily available. The people behind El Sol Brands have an expansive knowledge of the produce and a wealth of experience in the merchandising and marketing of fresh tropical produce so they are well equipped to assist in every aspect of high-quality produce getting to its customers.

The company currently has over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space in Miami and New York which it optimises as packing facilities. El Sol Brands has invested majorly in its packing facilities to ensure that they meet rigid US standards and through its warehouses deliver top-quality produce overnight to most places on the east side of North America. As part of the company’s in-depth grading process, products are selected and graded according to its high standards. These standards include a developed proprietary post-harvest method which helps the company to improve the quality and shelf life of products when they reach end markets.

El Sol Brand product packers are trained in the company’s grading and election process with items such as roots, tubers and squashes going through three rounds of grading. This three-step process includes grading at the farm, at the packing facility and then at distribution centres. It is this rigorous process which ensures that over 70% of its produce has the El Sol Brand premium label to represent it has passed the quality standards that the company has become so known for. Therefore, El Sol Brands takes its training right to the retail stores and suppliers as the company believes that training at a retail level ensures that produce managers will inspire the same passion for the product down the entire production line.

In terms of products, El Sol Brands offers a wide range of produce from plantain, Thai chilli peppers, and cactus leaf, to avocados, guavas, and dragon fruits. The range of offerings is vast and has allowed El Sol Brands to remain in step with the growing demands from people across the region for more tropical produce. As the demand for products continues to grow, El Sol Brands’ growers and packers continue to work tirelessly to meet these demands and facilitate the delivery of these products through the logistics systems in place. Therefore, throughout El Sol Brands’ operations, the company thanks to its strong relationships with suppliers, logistical providers, growers, packers, and retailers who continue to allow the company to continue to serve the growing demand whilst maintaining a consistent level of quality throughout every operation.

El Sol Brands is a vast operation which is committed to providing high-quality tropical produce to suppliers across the region. Through its rigorous quality grading systems, it continues to be a significant player and the El Sol Brand is one that is widely trusted and respected for its quality. With expertise in marketing the company provides essential training to suppliers to accurately promote and meet produce demands on both local and regional levels. However, what remains a clear focus for the company is its strong relationships and communication across supply chains to ensure rigid standards of quality are maintained from crop to end products. This focus on relationships is what ensures El Sol Brands continues to provide great tropical produce across the regions, as it believes it cannot truly thrive if its suppliers are not thriving.