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Business Profiles

Bakhresa Group: Azeem 

Taking on everything from freight to food, Bakhresa Group is an industrial conglomerate based in Tanzania, East Africa. From simple beginnings, its entrepreneurial founder is now a Tanzanian billionaire, and Bakhresa is without a doubt one of the...

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Endeavour Magazine

Endeavour Magazine July 2022

We’ve moved offices here at Endeavour HQ, and settling into our new location has got us thinking about the future whilst also feeling nostalgic for the past. Speaking with Orford Mining, a Canadian exploration company, we again saw these two...

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Coffee Break

How Agriculture Businesses Are Changing

Whether you run an agricultural business yourself, or you are looking into doing so in the future, it is always going to be interesting to note what changes you might be able to expect. Agriculture is one area which is generally going to be near the...

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Amazing World

Moisture farms – Soon a reality?

Imagine standing in a desert and declaring that you can turn the sunlight into water. The image might seem like the claims of a fantastical prophet or magician, but as ever, science is performing its dead-ringer impersonation of magic yet again...

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