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Kanu Equipment: Supporting Customers Everyday

Kanu Equipment is one of the largest dealers in West, East and Central Africa, and recently South Africa. Kanu Equipment proudly represents world-class OEM brands such as Bell and Liebherr and supply and supporting the mining and construction industries.  Kanu is committed to providing world-class quality equipment by supporting its customers throughout every step of their project journey.   Our team of passionate industry experts paves the way forward for our valued clients. 

Kanu Equipment began its operations in the Congo in 2012, with a mission to reduce the cost of operations in Africa, by providing its customers with the equipment to suit their specific application and needs.  Kanu Equipment is not just about the delivery of these pieces of equipment.  By purchasing your equipment from Kanu Equipment, customers gain confidence through accessing the company’s overall brand promise.  A 24/7 commitment of being available to support you.  Our team players co-ordinate with ease the company’s vast combined experience across the mining, earthmoving, construction, and agriculture industries. We take pride in supporting our customers in choosing the right products which are best suited for the job, no matter how challenging.

For Kanu Equipment, its distribution network spans the majority of Africa, with a prominent presence in Botswana, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Namibia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In all of these countries, Kanu Equipment provides some of the industry’s leading heavy equipment to its customers. However, outside of this vast reach, Kanu Equipment also provides an international network of support, and aftersales services to customers in countries where the group is not currently physically present with the same distribution network.

One of the key sectors for Kanu Equipment is the agriculture industry, where it provides equipment which is mainly used in sugar plantations. Equipment under its agriculture sector covers the likes of agriculture tractors, articulated tractors, cane loaders, forklifts, haulage tractors, tandem tractors and versa lifts. These are all from leading brands such as Bell Equipment, Case IH and Kemach Forklifts – all of which are known for their reliability and specialisation towards the agriculture sector. Then, in terms of forestry, Kanu Equipment provides Tigercat loaders, drive-to-tree feller bunches, track feller bunchers, skidders, loggers, track harvesters, wheel harvesters, forwarders, felling heads, harvesting heads; Bell timber trucks and Bell loggers.

For the mining and earthmoving industry, Kanu Equipment is passionate about ensuring that it supports its customers not only with expert knowledge, competitively priced parts, spanning the sector by providing Liebherr crawler excavators, crawler loaders, crawler tractors, bulldozers, and wheel loaders which are best suited to the harsh mining conditions, and rough terrains that come with projects within the industry. Kanu Equipment supplies excellent brands such as McCloskey and Superior Industries which make a complimentary addition to the crushing sector of the open cast mining industry. In the construction sector, Kanu Equipment provides a further products such as skid steers, TLBs and graders from leading brands such as Case Construction and New Holland* (*available only in South Africa). Kanu Equipment’s provides top-of-the-range Bomag heavy and light equipment for soil/refuse compaction, road repair, maintenance and construction. Therefore, Kanu Equipment is providing the essential machinery needed to complete challenges across a range of sectors, all of which are facilitated with world-class mining, loading, hauling and compaction equipment to benefit its client’s projects throughout its network.

All these equipment offerings are supported by Kanu Equipment’s technical teams which ensure that each customer can choose the equipment which is best suited to each project site, but will support its customers throughout its project life with technical teams, such as maintenance and repairs expertise. In the mining sector specifically, Kanu Equipment has vast experience across both underground and open-cast mining and so the company is ready to utilise this experience to provide its customers with the best equipment that is specifically suited to every mining operation.

A further key aspect of Kanu Equipment’s mining and construction equipment offerings is that it also provides a competitive rental service which gives customers the option and support to rent a piece of equipment.  This can potentially save on overall project costs, whilst still making the most of the top-quality equipment that it has to offer.

As we have seen, a big brand that Kanu Equipment is proud to supply is Liebherr which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment across a range of different sectors. Each piece of equipment is designed to be technically innovative, user-oriented, and serving numerous different fields across the world.  All these qualities align with Kanu Equipment’s mission to being the Most Supportive Dealership on the African Continent. Through Kanu Equipment’s network, Liebherr mining and construction equipment serves countries such as Botswana, Cameroon, DRC, Kenya, Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Then, with earthmoving equipment, Kanu delivers Liebherr’s equipment across Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Chad, DRC, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda and South Africa. As we can see, thanks to Liebherr’s equipment, Kanu Equipment can serve a whole range of sectors across such a vast spread of Africa.

As Kanu Equipment focuses on the future it is looking into acquiring new and exciting partnerships with leading African equipment distributors. In September 2023, Kanu Equipment acquired Kemach Equipment South Africa which was known for its distribution of leading heavy equipment brands across South Africa. These brands include Liebherr, Bomag, and McCloskey, New Holland, Superior Industries and Kemach Forklifts. This extends Kanu Equipment’s span of product offerings, and distribution network across the continent. Kanu Equipment is proud to continue to increase its span over Africa, whilst providing an even greater variety of machinery offerings to its clients.

Overall, Kanu Equipment is committed to ensuring that its customers can carry out every project operation with ease, supported by the best machinery equipment and brands in the world. Kanu Equipment plays a valuable role in multiple sectors as a leading distributor for the African continent. For Kanu Equipment, its customers remain the company’s central focus and throughout every operation, it is working to provide cost-effective and reliable machinery which in turn will help reduce the overall cost of operation across Africa on a daily basis.