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    Whether we realise it not, construction and engineering as an industry permeates our everyday lives. Even as children, playing with building blocks or fresh batches of Lego, the notion of building and engineering is hard wired into our brain. It is also for this reason that construction and engineering across the world symbolises progression and modernisation, as this particular industry not only builds our homes, but shapes the urban communities in which we work, create, and achieve. It makes the future possible through faster connections, better facilities and more sustainable environments, meeting and moving beyond its clients’ needs to re-invent what can be expected.
    As an industry this wide in scope, we felt that the vast size of the construction and engineering industry deserved its own stand-alone publication. From the towering heights of Chinese super-skyscrapers to the shimmering skyline of Dubai, and New York’s glimmering concrete jungle, the process of construction and engineering really is everywhere.
    It has been really interesting to see how so many companies across the world each demonstrate the multi-faceted nature of the industry. From priorities on green energy to architectural magnificence, it is an honour to showcase such works of excellence.